AWGIE nominees 2008

Nominations for the AWGIE’s, recognising the best in Australian scriptwriting in 2008, have been announced. They include Love My Way, All Saints, City Homicide, The King, Chandon Pictures, Home and Away, Neighbours, Wilfred and Dogstar.

The 41st awards for the Australian Writers’ Guild will take place in Melbourne on Friday, August 15.

“For more than forty years, the AWGIE Awards have been a showcase for the very best in Australian performance writing. To win an AWGIE award, a writer must have achieved an outstanding standard of merit in their work, as judged by their peers. They are a celebration of excellence, unique to the Australian performance industries,” said AWG President Tim Pye.

To be considered for inclusion scripts must be submitted for consideration.

TV Nominees:
Children’s Television – C Classification
Tails End, Dogstar by Philip Dalkin
Red Boy, Master Raindrop by Kym Goldsworthy
Man Bites Dog, Dogstar by Doug MacLeod
Gumnutz by Phil Sanders

Documentary – Public Broadcast
The Boot Cake by Kathryn Millard
The Fibros and the Silvertails by Paul Oliver

Comedy – Sketch or Light Entertainment
Only one nomination and the winner will be announced on the night.

Comedy – Situation or Narrative
Cousins, Chandon Pictures by Rob Carlton
Return of the Titan, Chandon Pictures by Rob Carlton
Death Wish, Chandon Pictures by Rob Carlton
Dog Eat Dog, Wilfred by Jason Gann and Adam Zwar
The Black Dog, Stupid, Stupid Man by Tim Pye

Television Serial
Home and Away, Episode 4521 by Sam Meikle
Neighbours, Episode 5431 by Anthony Morris
Neighbours, Episode 5430 by Scott Taylor
Home and Away, Episode 4498 by Margaret Wilson

Television Series
Baby Love, City Homicide by John Banas and John Hugginson
The Cemetery Gates, Love My Way by Brendan Cowell
Seconds, All Saints by Fiona Kelly
Against The Wall (Part 2), All Saints by Sean Nash

Telemovie Original
The King: The Graham Kennedy Story by Kris Mrska with Jaime Brown
The Informant by Greg Haddrick

Television Mini Series Original
Only one nomination and the winner will be announced on the night.

Television Mini Series Adaptation
Only one nomination and the winner will be announced on the night.



  1. And the Home and Away ones:
    4498: The non-wedding of Brad & Sally, and also the episode in which Rachel launches a very nasty verbal attack to Sally.
    4521: The episode in which little Pippa has been run over by Alf and she’s brought to the hospital.

  2. Don’t know about H&A but the two Neighbours episodes were when Frazer and Rosie discovered that she wasn’t actually pregnant when Rosie thought she was (though it turned out to be untrue in the end). It was a good couple of emotion-filled episodes.

  3. The Neighbours Episodes were the ones in which Rosie and Frazer had just lost their baby and Rosie refused to accept it. They were VERY powerful episodes and very emotional to watch. The fansite was in total agreeance – not a bad word to be said about the performances of the two actors involved.

  4. Hey, Random Question – does anyone know what the subject was of the Home & Away & Neighbours episodes that were special enough to get the Nomination? Haven’t been able to find what happened in any of those episodes yet lol.


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