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Here’s a curiosity…

As we know Nine has been doing nicely with its various David Attenborough productions. So successful was Tiger: Spy in the Jungle that it had an earlier animal special with lions last Monday and more coming with elephants and bears -all of which have aired on the ABC or Foxtel.

On Monday June 23, Nine has Bear: Spy in the Woods which aired in April on Animal Planet. But programming will look very peculiar when the ABC slates the same doco in the same week.

While Nine has the 2004 special in a primetime Monday 7:30 slot, as an ABC repeat it will also screen at 2:30am on Friday June 27.

Bear is the final of three one-off specials Nine currently has scheduled, although producer John Downer has also made other animal documentaries.

If only Attenborough had narrated Meerkat Manor, TEN would have been smiling….


  1. Just for the record, looks like the ABC pulled this one at the last minute. While it was listed in the Green Guide, the on-air EPG now shows it has been replaced by a show called “Malice Or Mutiny”.

    Luckily I didn’t delete my recording from Nine yet 🙂 Would have been nice to see it without commercial breaks, as intended, though.

  2. Surely this has to be some kind of a first…!

    It’ll obviously be the ABC’s airing that’s the timer-record version of choice – but it’ll be interesting to see, also, how much Nine chops out of their version 🙂

    (I’m sure they were judiciously editing the “Tiger” series to remove scenes of cute fluffy things being eaten – there were a few too many commercial breaks that were WAY too conveniently timed).

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