Bondi Rescue heads to Bali

The TEN Network has found a way to extend its Bondi Rescue branding by commissioning Bondi Rescue: Bali (wouldn’t that just make it Bali Rescue?).

The series has been a winner for year, gaining its strongest ratings and a win at the Logies. But one of the problems has been the quiet mid-year months just don’t deliver the same stories as the populated beaches of summer.

In sending some of the Aussie lifeguards to Bali for an eight part series, TEN probably has another winner on its hands. The boys will assist Balinese professional Lifeguards and help introduce new methods in surf safety.

It will air on Network Ten, later in 2008.

Press Release:

Off the back of an exceptionally successful season of Bondi Rescue, Network Ten is pleased to announce the commission of an eight part spin off series, Bondi Rescue: Bali.

Featuring Waverley Council’s larrikin Lifeguards, the Bondi Rescue series has allowed audiences a glimpse into the world of these real life heroes who deal with anything from shark scares, surf rescues, thieves, perverts and bomb scares on a daily basis. Now, a team of your favourite Lifeguards will be dealt a new set of challenges when they commence a four month stint on Bali’s famous Kuta Beach.

Lifeguards featuring in the new series Bondi Rescue: Bali include former soapie star Ryan Clarke “Whippett”, team leader Dean Gladstone “Deano”, Andrew Reid “Reidy” and Anthony Carroll “Harries” with his infectious smile.

On Bondi, the Lifeguards deal with life threatening situations in a way unique to them; their humour, pranks, ribbing and camaraderie has charmed beachgoers and viewers alike for the past 3 seasons. But all this will be put to the test in Bondi Rescue: Bali when they assist the Balinese professional Lifeguards and help introduce new methods in surf safety.

Bali is synonymous with Australian’s looking for sun, sand and surf in our long winter months. Families, Honeymooners, Sporting Clubs, and Schoolies groups are just some of the annual visitors to Bali’s famous Kuta Beach. But with Bali being a hot spot for tourists from all over the world, the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards will have to quickly adapt to working in a different country, on a different beach, with a completely different culture.

The third series of Bondi Rescue has been the most successful series ever, securing a TV Week Logie Award for “most popular factual program” and winning it’s timeslot in all major demographics with an average of 1.31million viewers tuning in each week. With the Lifeguards put to the test once again on Bondi Rescue: Bali audiences can expect more un-missable viewing.

David Mott, chief programming officer, Network Ten said: “Series Three saw the Bondi Lifeguards tackle some incredibly difficult situations, and the way they handle this day in and day out is what has endeared them to Australian audiences.

The Lifeguards will no doubt be tested during their stay at Kuta Beach, but I have every confidence they will deliver the same fantastic rescue results they achieve at Bondi each season.

I can’t wait to see what amazing stories will be uncovered and the great television they will make.”

“It’s not going to be a walk in the park for the lifeguards”, says Executive Producer Michael Cordell from Cordell Jigsaw Productions.

“Bali is renowned for its big surf and dangerous conditions. For our boys it will be a tough and confronting experience. Kuta can be lethal and the resources the Balinese Lifeguards have available don’t compare to Bondi.

Expect plenty of dramatic rescues along with classic good times in between.”

Bondi Rescue: Bali will commence production in June 2008 and will be filmed for 4 months.

Bondi Rescue: Bali will air on Network Ten, later in 2008.

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  1. For 1st time i have saw bondi rescue and i became a great fan of this show ,it is full of thirilling and work they are doing for safety of people is to good.i have never seen such rescue time in india or in any where.

  2. Hello !!! I was in Kuta beach in the end of july 2008. and I was rescued by the lifeguard there. after reaging the coast I was interviewed by an Australian Channel about that operation and they said that my rescue was filmed. So I would like to watch this film project if I am in, and want to have a copy…

    thank u for ur help

    best regards


  3. If this show had just been called Bali Rescue, then how would anyone know that the Bondi Rescue guys were in it. It’s all about branding, and Bondi Rescue is definitely a recognised brand. The show is about the Bondi Rescue team saving lives in Bali…hence the title Bondi Rescue: Bali.

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