Bushfire disaster coming to Neighbours

In a few weeks an old-fashioned bushfire will bear down upon the good folk from Ramsay Street, leaving some of your favourite characters stranded in the bush.

Naturally, several of the Neighbours cast members are left in jeopardy.

But it will prove fatal for one who will not survive emergency treatment.

To find out who, read on… (spoiler alert)

It’s Marco Silvani (Jesse Rosenfeld), left outside in the inferno. He is then treated by Dr. Karl but the outlook is grim. He even has a hospital bed wedding to Carmella (Natalie Blair) before slipping away. Beep…beep… beeeeeeep. All very soapie!

Expect casualties in the week of June 30.

Photo: stock image.

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  1. I think Bush should invade Ramsey street, it could start with a tip off that Osama is hiding there disguised in a Bouncer dog suit.

  2. Dan, dont forget stalking rapists and secret half-sister girlfriends, with parents who arn’t your real parents and twin sisters who end up having different parents.

  3. The Ramsey street residents should be grateful that they don’t live in summer bay there have been earthquakes landslides cyclones bushfires and floods

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