Drama at Flashpoint

The buzz is building on Flashpoint, a new Canadian produced action / drama set in Toronto. It is the first Canadian drama sale to be sold to a U.S. network in 14 years (Due South was the last). CBS bought the series during the writers strike and has slated it over summer.

The series, which has previously reported negotiating a sale to an unnamed Aussie network, follows the Strategic Response Unit -Canada’s answer to S.W.A.T.

It stars Enrico Colantoni (Veronica Mars) Amy Jo Johnson (Power Rangers) and Hugh Dillon (Durham County). In the drama a special tactical team put an end to hostage and bomb incidents or attempted suicides by getting into the minds of suspects to defuse a crisis.

It premieres on CBS on July 11.

Source: Playback


  1. Corner Gas is a great Canadian sitcom. This Flashpoint series looks like just another cop show. Durham County was boring IMO, but I am interested in “The Listener” which is slated to premiere in September of this year about a telepathic paramedic (he can read people’s minds) a la Matt Parkman in Heroes. It could turn out great if they execute it right.

  2. Thereare a lot of great Canadian Shows….. It is a shame we dont get more of them…. The Border & The Guard are worthwhile viewing for anyone who knows how to download a torrent. or Watch Durham County on Fox….. all very entertaining shows!!

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