Harold to revisit Ramsay Street

That didn’t seem very long! Harold Bishop is returning to Neighbours.

Just weeks after his much-hyped departure (late March), the ol’ chin-wobbler is wobbling is way back into Erinsborough, though it’s not yet clear for how long.

When Ian Smith reportedly told TEN bosses he was retiring they convinced him to make the occasional return, which is good news for fans. But not even TV Tonight thought it would be this soon! Some viewers would barely have known he was gone.

Harold returns to Ramsay Street on Tuesday June 24.

Expect some mystery surrounding the ‘truth’ behind his return to the street. We’ll just add it to his list of remarkable soapie returns already (like that one where he came back with amnesia).

At this rate, it won’t be long before Madge comes back from the dead.

Repeat after me now people, “baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”

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  1. Neighbours has been rating a lot better lately – very good news for everyone involved!
    harold really is the heart of Neighbours, be good to see him pop in every so often, Lou must be getting lonely without his best mate!

  2. You can never have too much Harold Bishop…. “BAAAAAAAH” Welcome back to Ramsay Street… albeit most viewers would probably have thought he’d locked himself in the toilets at the General Store…. Come to think of it, why are there no toilets in the General Store, considering it is a place of public activity?! Eh?!!

  3. I like Harold but I do wonder how the actor (Ian Smith, I think) will want to be in this semi retirement, I figured he would do the first one, but after that I wasnt so sure.

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