New comedy to be unveiled

Which network is shooting a new comedy series down Geelong way, starring a previous sketch comedy actor? No apologies due this time…..

And which actor, who departed the network in a cloud of controversy, is set to make a return in this new show?

Info below:

Press Release:

In ‘Mark Loves Sharon’, Australian sporting superstar, Mark Wary, reveals all as he invites the cameras into his home to shoot a celebrity reality series that shows the private side of this controversial and very public sporting icon.

In an attempt to change his bad-boy image and reveal his sensitive, caring side, Mark and his long-suffering manager, Jerry, decide to open up Mark’s life to an observational documentary crew. It may have been a good idea for Ozzy Osbourne, Jessica Simpson, Gene Simmons, Paris Hilton, Hulk Hogan and the Beckhams, but ‘Mark Loves Sharon’ reveals a whole lot more of Mark than he, or Jerry, ever intended.

There’s no shortage of tension at Wary’s extravagant mansion as Mark’s gorgeous but feisty girlfriend, Sharon, tries to keep his wandering eye in check; his loyal, no-hoper mates, Sledge and Tomo, riotously live the life of the loyal celebrity entourage; and manager and nervous wreck, Jerry, tries valiantly to keep the whole Wary gravy train from running off the rails.

In the eye of this storm Mark himself is trying to be the man that Sharon wants him. Plus trying to maintain a happy home, despite the warring factions and the various temptations and indulgences that are inevitably afforded a sporting superstar of his ilk.

He doesn’t always succeed and he often finds himself having to front yet another press conference having to apologise for the latest in a long line of misdemeanours.

It’s not easy being an Australian sporting hero โ€œjust ask Wayne Carey or Ben Cousins or Willie Mason or Brendan Fevola or Nick D’Arcy or Lleyton Hewitt or John Steffenson” or even Shane Warne.

Mark Loves Sharon allows us to meet the man behind the myth and gives us a remarkable insight into the conflicted, flawed, ridiculous yet ultimately loveable character that makes Wary the national icon that he is.

6 x 30 minute episodes. The mockumentary Mark Loves Sharon is a Cornerbox Production for Network Ten.

Jason Gann plays Mark Wary
Dailan Evans plays Jerry Dabelstein
Abby Meates plays Sharon Metcalf
Shaun-Angus Hall plays Sledge
Tim O’Dwyer plays Tomo
Kylie Gulliver plays Chrystal
Saskia Hampele plays Beth

Executive Producer: Steve Dundon
Series Producer: Ben Swaffer
Director/Co-Writer: Des Dowling
Writer: Jason Gann
Production Manager: Michelle Dundon
Head of Commercial Operations, Cornerbox: Andrew Watt
Network Executive Producer: Paul Leadon


  1. I saw The Wedge once. It made Mark Mitchell from the Comedy Company look like a comic genius. I half expected they would trot out Uncle Arthur again. I hope Mathew Newton is in it. He deserves to be.

  2. Good heavens. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    The Wedge would have to be among the WORST TV shows I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing. ๐Ÿ˜ The “Mark Warey” character was in fact one of the main reasons why the show sucked so bad (and was so painfully unfunny).

    This can’t be good. ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Dan Torrence

    Timothy Fegan, just to correct you, “Mark Loves Sharon”, currently being promoted by TEN, is a sit-com spin-off from “The Wedge” (not “the web”) featuring the characters of Mark Warey (Jason Gann) and his manager Jerry (Dailan Evans) – and Mark’s father is being played by Shane Connor, not Shane O’Coonor.

  4. timothyfegan

    as reported on May 22

    Another former Joe, Shane Connor has landed a new role in an as-yet untitled mockumentary from Jason Gann, centering around fictitious sportsman Mark Warey. Connor will play Warey’s “bad egg” dad

  5. timothyfegan

    This was reported ages ago, Its even advertised on Ten, the show is called Mark loves Sharon, its a spin off of the Mark Warey Character from the web and features Shane Ocoonor as his father, shane was dismiseed from his role as Joe Scully on Neighbours

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