Perma-tans and hair extensions

Yes that’s Selma Blair. No that’s not her in Kath & Kim.

But this pic from the John Waters’ movie A Dirty Shame does show she isn’t shy at dressing down, which is a good thing.

Now in a brief interview, Blair has given us an insight into what’s planned for her role as the US Kim Day (the ‘Craig’ and ‘Knight’ are dropped).

“I’m really excited about having a perma-tan and wearing long highlighted hair extensions for my role on Kath and Kim,” she said. “And I’ve been gaining weight for the part by eating a little bit more of what I want and not moving around as much. I’ve already put on 15 pounds, and I’ll probably gain another 10. It’ll be a whole new me!”

Fingers crossed the show doesn’t just pitch itself as a female Earl -chockful of trailer trash. I’m not convinced the Americans understand how affectionately we view ‘Dags.’ But with Jane, Gina and Rick McKenna in producer roles, at least it has every shot.

Meanwhile no word on who has been cast in the key role as Kim’s best friend, now dubbed Heather. Previous reports had her listed as wildlife preservation worker ‘Debbie Cox.’ IMDb also lists actor Tony Yalda to play the role of ‘Troy’ -whoever that is!


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