Separated at birth?

Richard Belzer, Law & Order: SVU & Sam Newman, The Footy Show.

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  1. He holds the record with eight appearances in various TV shows:
    Homicide: Life on the Street,
    Law & Order,
    Law & Order SVU,
    Law & Order Trial by Jury,
    The X-Files,
    Arrested Development,
    The Beat,
    The Wire.

  2. David, a thread on the recurring-character thing would be quite fascinating.

    The character you recall from Skyways/Cop Shop was Peter Fanelli, played by Bill Stalker. At the time I recall it being said that it was the first time in Australian drama that a character had moved from one show to another.

    (And yes, I was a huge Cop Shop fan in my childhood 😀

  3. Yeah Ray Romano was in a couple of KOQ eps. Kevin James was in ELR as well but as a different character. There are a few Star Trek characters that bridged various series. Worf & O’Brien were in both TNG and DS9 for eg.

    On Richard Belzer he is one of my favorite actors and a very interesting guy. His Munch character is also my favorite of the L&O series.

  4. Well it’s a different topic, but a good question. There’s many. To start with anybody who has appeared in a spinoff.

    All the principal characters in Beverly Hillbilles / Green Acres / Petticoat Junction.

    Frasier was in three (Cheers, Wings, Frasier).

    I can even recall a Skyways cop, moving to Cop Shop.

    If there’s enough interest I will start a post on the subject later on as it will require reader input…..

  5. Besides Richard Belzer as John Munch(homicide: life on the streets, Law & Order) how many other people have played the same character in 2 different tv shows?

    Robin Williams as Mork (Happy Days & Mork and Mindy) is the only other one off top of head.

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