Seven to screen Miss Universe

Channel Seven has picked up the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant, which takes place in mid July.

The event, which this year takes place in the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang, will no doubt reaffirm Seven’s affiliation with Jennifer Hawkins and the forthcoming Make Me a Supermodel.

“The Miss Universe Pageant has been, and continues to be, the most popular televised pageant in the world,” said an executive from Alfred Haber Distribution.

“Airing this year for the first time ever from Vietnam, this glamorous, two-hour live event is a spectacular salute to the world’s most talented and beautiful women.”

Australia’s representative is 21yo Sydney psychology student Laura Dundovic (pictured).

Source: C21


  1. You can hate good looking people, its your decision, but don’t hate more when someone challenges and can see through your hate. If your going to state something hateful, and someone debates your points, a rebuttal should usually contain points to why I’m not seeing your POV.
    [email protected] ultra-conservative agenda, I don’t believe old men should take photos of underage people and I respect people who look after their bodies and minds.
    I thought hippy types were all love and peace and ultra-conservatives were all hate!!
    So who are you voting for? Obama or McCain? Oh wait, this is Australia πŸ™‚
    Take care of yourself πŸ™‚

  2. Fangera, I can only conclude that you’re little more than a troll.

    Well, either that, or incapable of comprehending the written word. Read what I wrote again. And one more time for good measure. And if you’re still banging on about body sculpting and racism by then, well, back to school for you.

    I do marvel at how these new-era moralists can promote an ultra-conservative agenda and then justify it with a desperate play of the “racism” card, based solely on the fact that someone MENTIONS race.

    Please, Fangera, lose the patronising attitude and get a clue.

    That is my last word on this topic. This is someone else’s blog, after all, not Usenet πŸ™‚

  3. Maybe you should look into the facets that make up a healthy body. Protein to sculpt and fuel muscle tone, low Sodium intake to avoid water retention, Carbohydrates that are direct controls on blood sugar levels and the cardiovascular system, the right amount of fat intake for daily energy, Vitamins K,D and E for bright skin and glowing eyes, the difference between trans, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, Potassium intake versus thiamine supplements. What foods contain the right nutrients. And then having the will power and control to stick to a full time plan.
    All this is an art form/PhD in itself, learning the science of the body to make it looks its best.
    You really don’t think they are born, raised and they just wheel them out there do ya? Not every jogger has heart attacks πŸ™‚
    As far as racism, you referred to the generic winners as oval faced, angular chin etc and then implied amazement that the winner was from Japan and also had these features, as if the traditional Japanese human should have a stereotypical physical make up that wasn’t represented.
    As for my contradiction, I believe the defining word, or number was “18”.
    I don’t mind admitting fault, labeling without example is the sign of a knee jerk reaction πŸ™‚
    Take care of yourself!! (both mind and body hehe)

  4. Fangera,

    Sheesh, people pull out the “racism” card at the drop of a hat these days, don’t they? Sorry, but an accusation like that is just plain ludicrous.

    “The things these ladies put themselves through physically trying to look bigger than life is the equivalent to someone studying years and years for a PhD.”

    You SURELY have to be taking the piss there, right? Surely.

    And you talk of “contradiction” in my post, yet your own second-last paragraph is one of the most contradictory things I’ve seen in a long time.

    I have no resentment here, and I’m perfectly happy thanks very much. I suggest you perhaps watch this year’s pageant and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see it for the outdated throwback that it is.

    Oh, and

    “You can either spend you life looking after your brain helping it grow strong or you can spend your life looking after your body and that part strong.”??

    That is just a ridiculous thing to say.

  5. The forever battle between brains and beauty. Brains help cure diseases and explore the outer rims of our measured space, while beauty is the reason we do these things and reminds us of how good the human form can look.
    You can either spend you life looking after your brain helping it grow strong or you can spend your life looking after your body and that part strong. The things these ladies put themselves through physically trying to look bigger than life is the equivalent to someone studying years and years for a PhD. Yin and Yang, one can’t live without the other. Resentment from one side to another displays lack of personal happiness. Thats Zen.
    Beauty is defiantly more than skin deep, things like hate, jealousy, deceit can make anybody just as unattractive, from models to everyday men/women.
    It’s a little tricky to say that taking a photo of a 15 year old model is wrong, but taking a picture of another 15 year old is art. I think no kids should have photos taken that exploits/details or has emphasis on their body. They can wait till their 18.
    There is nothing wrong with celebrating the beauty of our psychical selves and giving praise to another who strives for it.
    You may not believe me Neon but I completely respect your decision and don’t think your wrong. What did worry me is your post displayed bigotry, resentment, contradiction and a slight hint of racism.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Sillyghosty, they always look like that. Generic, oval face with slightly angular chin, big toothy mouth, etc etc. I mean, look at last year’s winner:

    Yep, she looks exactly like the standard Miss Universe prototype even though she’s JAPANESE!

    Nothing against Laura, who I’m sure is a lovely girl and will make an excellent psychologist one day once all this archaic silliness is over, but what does it say about our society when Bill Henson is accused of being a paedophile while Miss Universe – a parade of generic teenagers and 21 year-olds in swimsuits in a contest based solely on looks* run by an ageing, leering multi-millionaire perv – gets the respect of a mainstream audience?

    (*and yes, yes, I know they claim to judge them on how smart they are as well; anyone who’s ever suffered through one of these contests will already know that that’s absolute bollocks)

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