Seven wins as TEN sinks

Seven has won Week 23 by a close margin 28.2% over Nine’s 27.7%, it’s first win in three weeks.

TEN slipped back again to a new 2008 low of 20.4%. Could it drop under the psychological barrier of 20% next week?

The ABC had 18.1% and SBS 5.6%.

60 Minutes was again the top show of the week with 1.82m viewers.

Seven won Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, while Nine took out Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. As they went into Friday night the networks were again neck and neck.

In weekly tallies for the year Seven inches ahead 8 weeks to Nine’s 6. There is one dead heat.

Week 23

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  1. i have to disagree with you richotb i think futurama at 7 would get better ratings than big brother if they play a new season, i mean big brother is struggling to make to magic million mark nearly every ep. on the other hand new simpsons eps usually get over 1.1 m. I really think its about time 10 did what 7 does most yrs and put more than 1 season of their popular shows in a yr, so 10 could have 2 seasons of the biggest loser to keep ratings high!!

  2. The Simpsons and Futurama are outdated and definitely out of place in a 7pm weekly slot. Its been extremely refreshing to have Ten screening Friends, an actual worthwhile program, in the 6pm slot after 20 years of monotonous annoying Simpsons reruns. They’ve already milked those awful, awful shows as much as possible. They should stay out of sight.

    As for Big Brother, I couldn’t really give two hoots about it to be honest, but there’s no doubt it’d rate higher than bloody Matt Groening cartoons, excluding perhaps new eps, but those screen at 7:30pm, not 7pm anyway.

  3. Channel Ten have serious Sunday night problems. Network Ten should move Big Brother Eviction to 6:30 Sunday Night with packages of whats happened on Friday and Saturday. They can then replace the 7:30 timeslot with Bondi Rescue (their most popular porgram) and Bondi Vet (that should be ready?) and then Rove would have a stronger lead in to give Dexter the ratings that it deserves.

  4. yep i agree with you big brother has to go next yr!! ten lies about how much share it gets for big brother and even has said its up 5 percent which is a load of crap when you look at last yrs ratings. they could play simpsons at 7 of futurama. they could make neigbours an hr ep which i think would work. but get rid of friends and big brother!!

  5. Even if Big Brother is performing badly, what exactly would Ten air in that slot all week that would rate any better? BB may well be the only thing holding them over the 20% share.

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