The real life Wisteria Lane

The Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle are complete and Wisteria Lane is almost finished.

Two years after they were first mooted, the houses “inspired” by Desperate Housewives now have their first residents.

In the outer-western development of Melbourne, Caroline Springs, there are eleven houses on the true-life Wisteria Lane, mimicking those on the Universal Studios lot.

Architect and developer Eli Mofkadi said his business partner Tom Zeglinas named the development when Housewives-fever gripped the nation’s television viewers. Mofkadi’s wife reportedly came up with the idea of naming the houses after the characters. They have proven so popular they are making the designs available in other suburbs.

The classic American-style houses are uniformly light blue, with a wooden appearance that makes the development a striking sight alongside “Kath & Kim” brick veneer. The Susan and the Bree are smaller than the Gabrielle (303sq m) while the Lynette sits on the biggest parcel of land.

So far, there are no white picket fences, but it would surely be a fitting touch. And I’ve no idea what’s lurking in the wine cellar, underneath the pool or buried in the back yard!

Wisteria Lane itself is actually a court, with a rudimentary creek down the middle and a small bridge. While work on some of the houses is nearing completion the last remnants of construction remain. Landscaping is yet to begin. At the moment it could almost pass for that post-tornado episode!

It feels so much like Fairview, Channel Seven could film their own little promo here if they needed to! I expect the site will also be popular with location scouts for US series that shoot in Melbourne. And no doubt the residents of “Ramsay Street” could give them a tip or two on dealing with tourists.

This Google Maps’ photo was taken before construction but you can get an idea of where it is situated.

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