A bombshell of an idea

Pamela Anderson yesterday whipped up a string of publicity for Big Brother with the great ratings for the show (1.4m), a protest visit to KFC and an hour or two of leading the housemates in a glamour calendar shoot.

Simply put, she is ratings gold for the show in its final stages. What an inspired idea this is turning out to be -and one that could have easily misfired.

But Anderson is a pro, turning on the Hollywood charm for the cameras and press with ease. What is quite surprising though, is how likeable she is on screen.

During the calendar shoot Anderson relaxed the housemates within minutes, coaxing them into swimming costumes and working to their strengths. Rory, Cherry and Ben were all flattered by Pamela with macho shots and compliments. She laughed it up with Travis, brought out the feminine side of Alice and instantly knew to put Terri in the pool to conceal her body shape yet bring out her eyes. Brilliant stuff.

Even when she stopped by a KFC outlet she managed to get the show onto Today Tonight and A Current Affair. And her protest was directed at BB‘s own sponsor! All the while Anderson is filming the whole thing for her own E! reality series. How do you write this stuff?

Big Brother does work best when it celebrates good trash. Go, Pammy!


  1. I have to admit I didn’t have high expectations about her being on. But I was quite surprised. Especially when it struck me that she seemed a bit nervous going in.

  2. BB didn’t run overtime – it was a scheduled special and it’s not as though Futurama was dropped completely, is it? 🙂

    The current affairs shows were up in arms about Pamela’s visit, but I wonder how many additional viewers tuned in to BB at 7pm after the free publicity Channels 7 and 9 gave it at 6:30pm? The daily show has rated over 1m since the first week of the series this year.

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