ABC makes payout over Corby case

In case you missed this little shred of news last night, Media Watch reported that the ABC has had to pay up following a radio discussion over Mercedes Corby defamation case by ABC radio host Spencer Howson and Anna Coren.

“Yes, the ABC was threatened with legal action by certain members of the Corby family in relation to that interview,” said Michael Mason (Head of ABC Local Radio).

“The ABC won’t comment further,” said Media Watch said host Jonathan Holmes. But we understand the situation has now been resolved, and that it’s cost the ABC – which means you – some money.”

“Which just goes to show, I guess, that ABC radio hosts shouldn’t fall in love with their subjects, and Channel Seven TV hosts should know when they’ve lost.

“You won’t find details of the ABC’s settlement on our website, or anywhere else – but you can, as always, tell us what you think about the program.

Media Watch also hosts a copy of the email from Michael Mason (Head of ABC Local Radio).

Source: ABC

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  1. What sort of payout would defamation case like this usually receive?

    Wasn’t the statement in the interview by Anna Coren the one that defamed? Shouldn’t she be the one paying?

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