Airdate: Hole in the Wall.

Everybody’s a tease. Nine will tempt viewers with one episode of Hole in the Wall before the onslaught of the Olympics hits, just as Seven is doing with Make Me a Supermodel.

In fact it will air in direct competition on Wednesday August 6th.

Nine has scheduled a new episode of Two and a Half Men at 7:30pm followed by a “Sneak Peek” of its new Jules Lund hosted game show at 8:00pm, featuring more celebrities. Nine has done particularly well with Wipeout, it will be hoping the interest is mirrored here. But it will be a big ask against Seven’s new model series.

At 8:30pm McLeod’s Daughters continues and at 9:30pm Cold Case will be back.

The move pushes both This is Your Life and Missing Persons Unit out for August 3.

Meanwhile CSI Miami repeats will fill the 8:30pm Thursday slot on August 7 after Celebrity Singing Bee vacates a week earlier.

It’s the new game show craze taking over the world, Hole in the Wall, set to bring fun, colour and laughs to Australian audiences when Nine presents a special sneak peak episode on Wednesday, August 6 at 8pm.

Hosted by Jules Lund, Hole in the Wall features a large polystyrene wall (4mx 2.3m) that travels along a 15m straight path at contestants who are challenged to make a shape which is cut into the wall and attempt to manoeuvre their bodies through it.

If they can’t make the shape and the wall hits them they are pushed into a 1.5m plunge pool. The contestants have between 3.5 and 7 seconds to read the shape and contort their bodies to fit through the hole. If successful they score points for their team and the overall wining team will receive cash for their chosen charity.

Each episode has two teams of three people. The walls vary between individual shapes and team shapes, which allow two or all three teams members try to pass through the wall at once.

It will be rough and tumble in the sneak peak episode as three gorgeous women take on some burly, bawdy men in a clash between the Beauties versus Beasts.

Donning the spandex competition suit and facing the wall for the beauties will be Kelly Landry (Getaway), Brodie Harper (Postcards Victoria), and Totti Goldsmith (actor/singer). For the beasts, Scott Cam (Domestic Blitz), Mark “Jacko” Jackson (media personality) and Tim Smith (radio announcer).

Hole in the Wall is an international success story which has seen the Fox network in North America commission 26 episodes based on the attraction of the UK pilot. It is currently being shown in France, Italy, Denmark, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, China, Argentina, Russia and a number of other countries.

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  1. This show sounds like fun. I’ll give it a watch. It makes sense to pair it with 2.5 Men, they are shows that will appeal to the same audience.

  2. with how successful Australias next to model has been on Pay TV I am certain, particularly with Jennifer Hawkins hosting that make me a supermodel will go on to be one of the biggest hits of the year for seven..i just cant believe it taken this long for a modelling show like this to hit Free to air TV in this country.

  3. Methinks a locally produced modelling show will blow an American import that has already screened on Foxtel out of the water. No contest.

  4. H E Pennypacker

    I think it will go well – with Two and Half Men finally pulling respectable figures it has a good lead in and really aren’t we oversaturated with these Supermodel shows already, Seven already should be fearing America’s Next Top Model on Ten – Hole in the Wall will be the winner in this contest of that I am certain!

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