BBC Blues for axed Aussie soap

High hopes for Southern Star’s Manly-based soap Out of the Blue have now been officially dashed with confirmation that the series will end after its initial six-month order.

In many ways this was an ambitious project, commissioned entirely by the UK rather than being produced by a local network and on-sold.

The series debuted on BBC One on April 28 after being commissioned as a potential replacement for Neighbours, but failed to attract viewers and was moved to BBC Two on May 19.

A spokesperson said the show “just didn’t grab hold” of the loyal following required for a soap.

TEN was last reported to be rethinking plans to screen the series and was last said to be mulling a plan for “later in the year.” Some of the themes however make it a difficult fit for the 6pm slot.

After opening to nearly 1.2m, audiences for the show rapidly dropped off to around 600,000. On BBC Two it has averaged just 125,000. It has also been resting for a few weeks but returns on Monday.

Source: DigitalSpy


  1. Not having seen it, I can’t comment on the show, but did they really give it a chance to build an audience? Neighbours aired over there for years! It had time to build a devoted fanbase. Six months of a new soap isn’t long enough to gauge whether or not it worthy of being a Neighbours replacement imo.

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