Bindi the Jungle doll

You just know in years to come she’s gonna loathe these…. Bindi Irwin is getting a talking doll.

“Crikey! Let’s go help wildlife” and “You can make the world a better place” are two of the phrases you’ll hear from this 25cm doll, dressed in khakis and sporting binoculars, a camera and other outback gear, as well as a cockatoo, a wombat and a python. Bonus.

I’m already remembering those Lisa Lionheart lines that Lisa Simpson’s own doll pitted against Malibu Stacey: “Trust in yourself, and you can achieve anything!”

We shouldn’t be too surprised at this news. Like her father Bindi is likely to be bigger in the US than she was here, already winning an Emmy award last month. The toy line is being developed by Wild Republic, a division of K&M International Inc. They began marketing a Steve Irwin doll several months AFTER is untimely death in September 2006.

Wild Republic reckons the line is meant to be “wholesome and spread Bindi’s message about conservation.”

No doubt Waylon Smithers will be first in line when the doors open.

Source: AAP / Yahoo
Photo: Age

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