Chat still the one for Nine?

Channel Nine is said to be launching an entertainment chat show which it claims will be “the destination for celebrity interviews”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the network is currently looking to lock in talent for the pilot episode of the series, to be shot in August.

Nine has begun touting the program to publicists and talent managers, claiming it’s early evening slot will have a live audience “double the size of Kerri-Anne and the Today Show combined (what live audience?).”

“The show will be the destination for celeb interviews and can offer a decent chat duration that won’t be surrounded by info-mercials,” the pitch promises.

There’s a lot of confusing info in these quotes. Why even mention infommercials if the show is pitched early evening?

Last year Nine attempted both The Nation and the Catch-Up, neither of which worked.

Could this part of Nine’s plans to utilise Eddie McGuire?

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Why doesn’t channel 9 try temptation in the 5:30 timeslot and if that doesn’t work which I doubt then they could try the chat show lets face it it can’t hurt

  2. God, David Tench Tonight???? Please don’t remind me of that… and as much as I like Mick Molloy, we all knew The Nation was never going to last…

    What Channel 9 needs to do is coax Shaun Micallef back and sink some support into a return of Micallef Tonight, but alas that will never happen…

  3. Anyone remember David Tench Tonight? That was a show like this that aired a couple of years ago on Ten, although the host wasn’t actually a real person. It was an interesting concept, I’ll give it that.

  4. It’s a risky move, but Nine needs to do something bold if they are going still be the one.

    My gut says it won’t work, and I would advise WIN to steer clear. Even if it works in the city, it won’t work in the outer areas.

    I don’t think nine currently has the talent to pull it off, but we’ll see.

  5. Okay, this is what I have heard about this show.

    Two options are being touted for the show timeslot – 1. 5:30 as a lead into the news (which would allow for WIN to drop the show for their local news).
    2. 6pm for an hour as a lead into the news at 7pm. No one is saying what will happen with ACA – possibly a 7:30 time. This would work for all states – especially the eastern states where getting home by 6pm for the news means leaving work at 4:30. it would also work for WIN as well.

    There is some growing pressure to move the news to a later timeslot because of more people are available at 7 then at 6 and there isn’t the trend anymore that if you win news you win the night.

  6. That was ‘The Nation’. Oh boy, I’d forgotten about that stinker.

    ‘The Mick Molloy Show’ was the other one from the mid-nineties.

  7. Looks like they’ve finally decided to do an afternoon chat show, like the ones in the UK. I’ve been thinking and suggested to them that’s probably exactly what they need for the 5pm-6pm slot as an alternative to news and game shows.

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