Demelza "encouraged to prank"

Andrew Reveley, father of Australia’s Next Top Model winner Demelza, has spoken up in his model daughter’s defence and he makes some very valid points.

“Demelza wasn’t in that house on her own, she was the youngest in the house and there were 10 other girls, two minders and camera people. A whole lot of them were encouraged to prank and make reality TV. There was not one ounce of malice from any one of those girls,” he told the Illawarra Mercury.

He also said he was not concerned his daughter failed to make the cover of Vogue.

“That was never part of the prize, she was only ever going to get those eight pages inside,” Mr Reveley said, adding that the editorial about bullying was a positive thing.

“(Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Kirstie Clements) has got to take that stance, she has to take a position on that, just as I would and I think that we, Demelza and everyone who wants to talk about bullying in the public eye, would agree … the more these issues are talked about, the better,” he said.

His comments follow the father of Big Brother housemate Brigitte defending her behaviour on TEN’s show, during a phone interview to the Big Mouth programme.

Source: Illawarra Mercury

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