Fashion victims set to shine

Project Runway Australia’s mentor Henry Roth (pictured, centre) told TV Tonight that the show which premieres tonight on Arena runs the gamut of brilliant designs to reality brawling.

“I have to say behind the scenes, which actually is captured, there’s catfighting. There’s no doubt about it. There’s bitchfighting, there’s concerns, there’s clashes, there’s people that don’t get on.”

Would we expect anything less from the world of fashion? After all, the show wouldn’t be living up to its premise if it didn’t go over the top some of the time, right?

“These characters are far larger than life and far camper than I’ve ever seen in my life,” he laughed. “And yet they do it with tremendous professionalism.

“The joke was Brett who’s a surfing dude was the only straight male there. One day he comes into the workroom and he’s got a different colour nail polish on every one of his fingers. What is going on that house?”

But Roth is more enthusiastic about the actual fashion and what the show will bring to the Australian industry.

“The main thing that comes out of it is the Australian Fashion Industry is getting a tremendous input into some real opportunities for designers to stay in this country and do their work. That to me is a key note.”

The show premieres tonight at 8:30pm on Arena.


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