First Review: Jamie’s Fowl Dinners

Fowl is right. This is a staggering 90 minutes of television, and one that is hard to stomach -but that’s its point.

As you’ve probably heard, Oliver is ruthless with the poultry in this special, electrocuting a chicken and suffocating some fluffy little chicks live on television.

A licensed slaughterman, Oliver demonstrates what happens all for the sake of Britons getting cheaper chicken and eggs. And, he tells us, the method of death is apparently the most humane. It’s the living part that isn’t. An RSPCA Scientist also participates in the show.

Gathered before him are dinner guests, horrified and appalled at what they see. Many, who admit to seeking cheap produce and eating junk food, are swift to re-think that they know about the food they buy, which isn’t much at all. Oliver is scathing in his criticism of British food labelling.

Even those who readily buy free range eggs are educated on the battery eggs that fill their other refrigerator produce.

Some supermarket chains are in attendance with news they are changing their suppliers. Others who didn’t show at all are represented by empty chairs.

Oliver is also seen in battery hen farms. How he got such camera access is remarkable.

Punctuated by his boisterous hosting, Oliver doesn’t want to turn his countrymen into a nation of vegans. He simply wants them to shift to free range poultry and to pay another 99p so that chickens can have better lives.

Make sure you have eaten before watching this one.

Jamie’s Fowl Dinners airs 9:30pm Wednesday on TEN.


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