Gallery: Neighbours

“Hi this is Toadie. Get me the script department and tell them to send down three re-writes, two lattes, some donuts and a Logie for Lifetime Achievement!”

Well, it’s probably not really the accompanying dialogue for this photo, but to see what goes down on upcoming eps of Neighbours this month, you’ll have to read on.

Be warned: The following photo gallery contains spoilers. Don’t go if you don’t wanna know.

Coming up in July:

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  1. Donna is an interesting new addition to the cast, too. It will be interesting to see how they develop her character, since she’s been given a 12 month contract with options after that. She’s certainly been given a lot of air time over the past few episodes.

  2. Ok, i had stopped watching neighbours, but these pictures are inticing me to take another look. Interesting that libby seems to be getting involved with Scott Major, as he actually originated the role of Darren Stark. It’s good they are bringing back that Hot Teacher, it was really harsh how they sent him to jail, for basically falling in love with someone he initially didn’t know was underage. The writer’s rough treatment of men is one of the reasons I stopped watching.

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