Gone: Bad Lads Army. Returning: Ladette to Lady

One episode.

Nine screened just one episode of Bad Lads Army and it’s gone, to be replaced by Ladette to Lady.

Seriously, who is minding the shop?

The episode, which screened at 9:30 (or 9:45pm in some states) on Tuesday night attracted 724,000, down on the average 900,000 pull of Ladette.

While it isn’t brilliant, 724,000 is still a competitive figure for this kind of show in this kind of timeslot. But how can anything garner word of mouth when it is pulled off air so quickly? And why should audiences even try the next offering if they have no confidence the show will remain? This is either clumsy to rip off air, or clumsy to have slated it in the first place. It’s hard not to read this as anything other than a complete programming fumble. Maybe Nine should have premiered it on April 1 instead of July 1.

In bringing back Ladette to Lady, Nine goes back even further than before, screening the debut series made in 2005. Make sure you’re watching or Nine might take that off too.


  1. Currently watching this show on foxtel, yes it is brutal, but the army trains hard for dangerous situations. most politically correst types wouldnt have enough self discipline to last out basic training in any Army.

    maybe the department of defence requested it be pulled from the air because it might put-off some potential new recruits?

  2. I saw the previews for Bad Lads and thought here comes more trash. Is is designed to be a boys only version of big brother uncut? Come on ch9, not all of your viewers are perverse low lifes. If you like this sort of thing – get a dvd or go for porn on the net.

  3. Kir of Sydney

    Bring back Bad Lads Army. I watch a couple of episodes on Fox and loved it. After seeing it I contacted the producers to see if I could get it on DVD and they told me it will never be released on DVD so when I saw it advertised on 9 I was very excited. Give it a go and I am sure everyone will find it hillarous. It is very real to life of what the boys go through with their training

  4. Just another example of Nine thinking the know what people want to see and getting it completely wrong ..Ladette to lady is a poor substitute for the brilliant Badlads army.

    No wonder Nine is in deep financial trouble with muck ups like this

  5. hat adds insult to injury is that the series that has replaced Bad Lads Army has already been shown on Free-to-air TV too (ABC or SBS). Thanks 9 for giving us a good show and pulling it with no notice while you replace it with a 3 year old show that aired here for free recently. On Ya!

  6. Well done channel 9 for pulling the show. Lets face the facts on the show bad lads army. It was glorifying bastardisation as a form of turning young males into men. Young men being stripped as a form of humiliation isnt entertaining TV for any male to be honest. Infact, its a form of sexist discrimination which men comonly suffer in the media today. If the show entailed women doing the same thing it would have had the female community outraged.

  7. Well, glad we started watching that programme.
    One episode, looked promising, Gone!
    We were looking forward to seeing the changes in the lads, but NO,
    Channel 9 said – do you like this?
    haha, sucked in, we are taking it off!!
    no wonder we rarely bother with channel 9.

  8. Hasn’t “Bad Lads Army” had a run on Pay TV already?

    UK-TV lancer1993.

    Dunno about Gossip Girl on nine, Fox8 has been airing it(probably because nine wouldn’t of aired it, like they still haven’t aired Pushing Daisies).

  9. I think they’re useing the same machine they draw the lotto numbers from to pick programming at the moment.

    Sounds like it.

    Hasn’t “Bad Lads Army” had a run on Pay TV already? I mean really what is the point of ch9 showing it. Maybe they need to air decent dramas and avoid these second rate reality crap. What every happened to Gossip Girl on ch9?

    BTW – didn’t ch7 last week say something about the % of shows on pay TV that had aired on Free-to-air. At this rate things are more likely to have a run on Pay V before the networks get their hands on them.

  10. Imagine if NBC gave up on Seinfeld. Not that i’m comparing this show to it..in fact the promos looked pretty bad, but if they are planning to air it, at least a whole season, nothing short. Maybe they should check out this sites missing in action page, in case they don’t know what else to put on. In fact, the last recurring show i watched on nine was Terminator, before they put it on at 10.30. Going with conio’s comment, they must not get the same number very frequently then.

  11. I saw the promo for Nine’s line-up for second half of 2008 on Wednesday and Bad Lads Army was mentioned. Looks like the ad may have to be changed now.

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