Gone: Family Guy, American Dad

It’s so Amazing we’re getting it twice.

Seven will double the dose of The Amazing Race from next Thursday, dropping Family Guy and American Dad from the schedule.

Last night Seven’s Thursday share was 25.3, well behind Nine’s 30.3%. The Amazing Race had 768,000 viewers well behind Law & Order SVU on 1.1m and combined Footy Show figures of 1m.

Family Guy had 478,000 and American Dad 423,000.

In dropping the animated comedies both Stargate Atlantis finale on July 10 and King of the Hill July 17 move back 5 mins to 11.25pm and remain in schedule.

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  1. Sillygostly

    Wow. I never thought I’d see the day that Seven would play out King of the Hill over FG/AD.

    So glad to hear the news! 😀

    I’m still waiting impatiently for Ten to buy KotH though. >:( It would be a wonderful addition to their animation line-up now that they have the rights to the bound-to-fail Cleveland Show.

  2. The double episode is expected because Seven wants to finish TAR12 by Thursday August 7, the night before the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games.

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