Illness strikes Neighbours star

On screen, Neighbours actress Kym Valentine will be seen sitting beside a hospital bed. Off screen she is hospitalised herself, battling a case of pneumonia.

Valentine was enjoying a visit to New York during a break in production but during the flight home she told airline staff she was unwell.

According to her condition rapidly deteriorated during the long-haul flight, to the point where airline staff were forced to administer oxygen.

She reportedly began drifting in and out of consciousness. After the flight landed in Melbourne on Saturday morning, Valentine was rushed to hospital, and was immediately diagnosed with pneumonia.

It is understood Underbelly’s Vince Colosimo was yesterday by Valentine’s bedside in hospital, where she is expected to stay for several days recovering from her ordeal.

“It was a chest infection that was exacerbated by being on the plane and she became sick quite quickly,” Valentine’s manager Jacinta Waters said. “She is following doctors’ orders and is in the best possible place.”


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