In: Hawkins, Out: Fimmel

Jennifer Hawkins has signed a 12-month deal with Seven that will see her stay with the network until September next year, hosting Make Me a Supermodel. But Seven was unable to secure former Calvin Klein hunk Travis Fimmel as a series judge.

About 1000 potential contestants lined up outside Melbourne’s Novotel on Collins for their chance at TV fame yesterday. Today its final stop is in Frankston.

“The contract was signed really for this show,” Hawkins said. “Kids have been queuing here since 6am. I knew there would be a big turnout. I knew this show would be huge.”

Hawkins said she was ready for the challenge of hosting a show after several years with The Great Outdoors.

“I wanted it. I wanted it so bad,” she said. “Opportunities have come up before and I did not think I was ready then.

“But this show came up and it felt like the right time.”

Meanwhile Travis Fimmel has turned Seven down on being a potential judge. The boy from Echuca who became a billboard superstar has been filming a drama called The Beast with Patrick Swayze.

So far Seven has announced marie claire fashion mag editor Jackie Frank and Chadwicks’ Martin Walsh as two judges for the show.

Did you audition as a contestant? How did you fare?


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