Jodhi "staying on Next Top Model"

Jodhi Meares is staying put on Australia’s Next Top Model says Foxtel boss Brian Walsh. This is despite media reports that executives are furious with her for her infamous “no show” at the finale two weeks ago.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. I rang Jodhi on Friday and reiterated the fact she has our full support and apologised for the media circus it’s become,” Walsh told yesterday.

“We won’t be discussing contracts (for next year) until next month, but I told her to go have a holiday and forget about it.”

“Why would we change a winning formula? Australia’s Next Top Model is a fabulous ensemble of personalities of which Jodhi is a key part. They each make a valuable contribution.”

Confidential claims Meares was “even dodging text messages of support from Charlotte Dawson who stepped in to fill her shoes.”

Walsh said Dawson had been “earmarked” to host a major new series for the network next year.

“I haven’t talked to her about it yet but it has a big live component with a studio audience and I think she’d be great,” Foxtel’s Director of Television (and not CEO as incorrectly reported) said.

Dawson was unaware of further work opportunities when Confidential called but added “I’m contracted to Foxtel so I’ll do whatever they tell me to.”


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