Lock up your cynicism

Just months after the debacle of his Britney bedside vigil, psychiatrist Dr Phil McGraw is likely to be heading to our shores in December.

Promoter Andrew McManus, brother of Rove, reckons Dr Phil is aware of Australia’s economic downturn, including mortgage stress, petrol prices and cost of living – and is set to address these issues.

Dr Phil is the right tonic for these tough times,” said McManus. “That’s why Australian audiences deserve this experience.”

Uh huh. And not because anybody actually wants to make any money from the idea?

“He wants to keep it topical, local, and deal with issues affecting real Australians,” Mr McManus said. Dr Phil may even interview local celebrities about issues and problems affecting them. Like all the former Big Brother contestants?

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. I watched a little tonight as I’m a Rogan fan, it just seems they are too star struck and are basically spending their time trying to entertain and impress the US guest.
    And Rove makes me wonder, sometimes I think he is batting for the other team 😛

  2. If they bring him in the last week of November sure, otherwise maybe a satellite link. Other McManus touring acts have appeared previously.

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