Long service worthy of a Logie

Sad to read that long-term and very successful television producer Pam Barnes has had to depart Channel Nine.

Barnes, who has worked on everything from Hey Hey its Saturday to The Logies reportedly sent out an email advising: “I have been informed that there is not sufficient work for me here at GTV and that the Logies and Carols By Candlelight will be ‘taking a different direction’. I’m sad to be leaving GTV – the place where I started (but hopefully not finished) my television career.”

Spanning a 40-year career, she has worked with Graham Kennedy, Don Lane, Daryl and Ossie and Bert Newton. She has worked for Nine on and off over the years, also producing shows on other networks, and her daughter, Megan Kirkcaldie, worked at Nine as a publicist.

Prior to taking charge of The Logies she oversaw The Singing Bee.

The downturn in local production and the need to reinvigorate the Logies every few years are the reasons Nine cited for Pam’s departure from GTV9 her home for the past 18 months.

Pam told The Age she was saddened that Nine was “taking a different direction” without her. “It’s a bit like your home disappearing,” she said.

Hope she’s back under their wing sometime very soon!

Source: The Age


  1. Amazing how someone with Pam’s skills has been disposed of because there is no work for her, yet Eddie and Ray are retained on much higher salaries with even less to do. When will they learn?

  2. Having 2 boys who sing at Carols by Candlelight each year I hope that the "change of direction" isn't too drastic. This is a show I have watched without fail for as long as I can remember. Then again many people said the same about Young & the Restless.

    Big SIGH – Channel 9, what are you doing?

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