More charges in Pay TV theft

Two Sydney men will face court today, over selling illegal pay TV cards for Foxtel and Austar.

The arrests follow two Victorian men charged in April after Australian Federal Police (AFP) seized set-top decoders and $173,000 in cash and computer equipment. At that time, they said up to 50,000 bogus cards could be circulating across Australia.

A 43-year-old man from Ashfield and a 42-year-old man from North Ryde faced court at the Downing Centre today.

The maximum penalty for the copyright offences is five years in jail, while the maximum is two years’ jail for the proceeds of crime offence.

Source: ABC, Sydney Morning Herald


  1. Remember also a home phone is required for an ADSL connection.
    Free TV through ISP’s is scarce with anything decent, same with their dedicated “free” downloads. Its like the no name brand rip offs of bigger name programs.
    From TGP I switched to Spin which is bundled 100 bucks a month (I don’t use home phone so its standard monthly) 150 gig download limit (50 on 100 off) after two months of looking that was the best deal I could find.
    Streaming no matter how fast your connection is can be choppy and deliberately under-buffered. And downloading one season of anything HD would just about blow out your limit in a matter of days (4 gig a disk, say 2-4 disks a season)
    A lot of hassle to go thru just to avoid a few ads, especially when a good STB can be set to skip ads.
    Downloading because something doesn’t air is one thing, downloading something that’s already on tv just seems a waste of money, if its on FTA, you ain’t paying anything. If ya got foxtel then why double up? Especially if your net connection is solely for downloading TV shows!
    When TIVO streams through their system that will def be worth it.
    If your downloading HD seasons to keep and own, then go buy the DVD and show some respect for the show!
    As for Macs being secure, like you point out with Foxtel, its a marketing point, if history is taught us anything, no system is secure. People who “crack” spend there time on the pop system, if that happened to be Mac it would swap right over.
    According to wiki, 73% of home/business systems are PC.

  2. fangera, Macs are inherently more secure, but that’s really not relevant. You can get huge download limits with ADSL2 connections for well under $90 with access to an unlimited amount of TV, much of it in HD, unlike Foxtel’s mere FIVE channels (and they advertise that fact like it’s a selling point, hilarious). And even on ADSL1 you can download SD shows in as many minutes as the show is long, and on top of that use RSS so you don’t even have to click a single thing to get them.

  3. So you just download TV shows? No movies etc?
    90 bucks a month to download TV shows just so you don’t have ads?
    Why not set you DST 15 mins forward and just skip all the ads?
    The reason Mac avoids the spyware, trojans, crap etc etc is because they are not the commonly used computer.
    If Macs took over the PC’s position in the world all the freaks who create those spywares, bugs etc etc would just target those!

  4. The Gate Keeper

    Not if you have a mac. If you keep to downloading just TV shows, you can get a program in less than 15 minutes, and quality is great.

  5. yeah keeper 🙂 Just the pop-ups, spam, unwanted porn, virus loaded files, corrupt videos, computer seizures, updating software and downloading times 🙂

  6. The Gate Keeper

    yeah but fang i dont have to sit through the fluff and ad breaks every 15 minutes. – across all channels at the same time.

  7. Well Keeper, if you download say 30-40 gig a month of TV shows/movies, your still paying around 80 bucks a month. My foxtel is 99.95 a month, so it ain’t that big a saving.

  8. The Gate Keeper

    Optus used to be a bit cheaper than foxtel – with pretty much the same channels. bit torrent is the best tv channel at the moment, and cheapest.

  9. What do you expect when Foxtel charge such inexcusable amounts for even the simplest package, while the government lets them keep their pay tv monopoly – so there is NO competition whatsoever to keep prices down.

    Perhaps if more pay-tv companies existed, prices would be low enough to afford.

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