Nine chats up The View and Ellen

Nine has plans to screen The View on free to air television, a year after axing its own imitation, The Catch Up.

It will screen at middays and follow with Ellen. This puts the show in direct competition with Dr. Phil and Oprah, which regularly win their slot on TEN.

David Gyngell said the move was designed to provide regular demographics in the timeslot, which currently shifts according to whatever daytime movie is scheduled.

“It could be anything from soft porn to 70s movies. It’s better to give consistency to advertisers,” he said. Economically of course, this makes much better sense than trying another Catch-Up.

The View currently screens on the W Channel, which strategically moved the show from a 1:40pm slot to 11am daily, in May.

WIN also screens Ellen in select markets.

No airdate for the new chat shows have been announced.


  1. KnoxOverstreet

    Yeah generally speaking i can’t stand Oprah and her show is usually boring crap. But sometimes she’ll do a really entertaining show, usually one that involves a comedian such as Jim Carey. Ellen is much more fun to watch on a regular basis.

  2. Finally! The View is so much more with the times than Oprah.

    I don’t know why people watch Oprah or Dr Phil anymore. Sure Oprah has her fantastic episodes, but if anyone has actually tried to watch a whole week of Oprah, man its the same crud every day.

  3. Suzie will never be bumped from NWS9 and STW9 unless Bruce Gordon gets sick of her. Unfortunately no plans to take the The View at this point

  4. I haven’t watched this since I had payTV a few years ago. It is possible that without the intelligence of Lisa Ling that I may do damage to my dear TV.

  5. Channel 9 perth already screens ellen, i am just wondering if the view is going to bump suzie to a different time slot? Or we’ll miss out on the view and end up with suzie only. I love the view it would be much better, any way you might be able to find out Wins plans in this market David??

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