Nine does its Block again

The Block is returning in 2009.

Nine will bring back the reality renovation series which was one of the most successful formats of the last ten years.

Creators Julian Cress and David Barbour, both of whom developed The Chopping Block, are known to be close allies of David Gyngell, for whom they developed shows at Granada in the US under his watch. No host has been announced, but Jamie Durie of course is now in the Seven camp.

Meanwhile at the Nine mid-year pitch to advertisers the network will screen both Kitchen Nightmares USA and a new Hell’s Kitchen later this year. As to anticipation on a locally made Ramsay, that is now on the cards for 2009, made in Melbourne. Nine says the focus on this may be more on finding a chef for the proposed restaurant.

Nine also promises more Singing Bee, 20 to 1, RPA, The Gift, David Attenborough (it’s unclear which series) and the return of What’s Good For You in a revised format, possibly as specials.

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  1. With th block coming back, it brings back memories of Changing Rooms. Seeing tonights episode of Singing Bee with Suzie Wilks do you david or anyone else if she is signed to any network???

    Would suzie be interested in hosting The Block it kinda seems in her ball park as she did changing rooms for a few years???

  2. I’m glad to hear this news. I love this show because of the dramas the participants invariably create. It brings out their competitive sides and in that regard it becomes compelling viewing.

    The only downside is the overload of product placement. I hope Nine can restrain themselves (but I’m not holding my breath).

  3. actually, David, Jamie’s contract is up at Seven at the end of this year – it was only a two year deal.

    Given that he has hardly done anything at Seven (dancing with the stars really didn’t help his profile at all) and his Best Backyards show was beaten a couple of times by himself on Nine with Backyard Blitz, it would not surprise me if Jamie and Seven part company.

    Also now that Eddie is no longer in charge at Nine, there is a good chance that he could be back.

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