Nine to produce Aussie Wipeout

The Nine Network will make an Australian version of extreme sports game show Wipeout, according to the Sunday Herald Sun.

The Australian version will be filmed on the set in Argentina that is home to the US series.

This news follows an earlier report that an Australian Network had picked up the format rights to produce its own version, on top of acquiring the US series.

Wipeout is proving a ratings winner in America, second top show for the week, and holding figures of 1.4m viewers in Australia. Figures like that prove ‘it’s a knockout’…….

Meanwhile, where is Hole in the Wall?



  1. my partner and i love watching wipeout and would love to become contestants!
    we are both determined and competitive and would love to give this a go.
    how can we get an application to become contestants?

  2. It looks like a lot of fun and I would love to have a go at it. I think my Kids would love to play on the tricks. I cant let them watch it though as they get a bad mood & repeating the nasty things the hosts say about the contestants. Great Fun and Lots of fun I bet.

  3. hey im a hairdresser and couldnt think of anything more cool and random than to be on this show…can u email me when and where thay are taking applicants for the show…
    u wouldnt regret having me on the show!!!
    oh yeh!!!!!!

  4. The success of the Aussie version will be determined by 9’s choice of commentators for the show. This, in conjuction with good writers and editors is what makes the US version hilarious for me…

    “Uhh… I think she’s beginning to tire Jim…”

  5. With the setup already in place for the other versions of the show, this was almost an inevitability – costs to Nine should be much, much lower. Presumably cheap labour in Argentina is a factor for the set’s location there as well.

    Ryan, since you can type and post to blogs and stuff, I don’t think you’re mind-numbingly stupid enough to meet the show’s contestant selection criteria 😀

  6. Oh LOL I want to apply…the show’s obstacle courses look like a bucket load of fun…You’ll let us know when they’re taking applications for contestants David?

  7. All the international versions are being made at the facilities already in place. No doubt an airline will be brought on board as part of sponsorship.

  8. one question, why?

    why go to the US and make an exact replica of the show with australian people? the least they couldve done was film it here

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