Nine’s standing ovation

If it’s good enough for weather presenters why not the newsreaders?

National Nine News Melbourne tonight saw Jo Hall standing for the entire bulletin, to the right of screen with images shifted to the left.

When sports presenter Heath O’Loughlin joined her the two stood either side of a large NNN logo.

Jo Hall recently celebrated turning the big 50, surely worth any standing ovation.

Earlier this week TEN News Melbourne gave its set a makeover with Mal Walden, Helen Kapalos and Steve Quartermain while its Perth team also has a new, local set.


  1. lol! Just showed the GF the ruckus that has occurred on here about the News Peeps standing up, we both had to laugh about it. So they standing up! So!! Its about News ain’t it?
    lol Talk about viewers being out of their comfort zone.
    This sounds like a gag out of Frontline! hehe

  2. EJ McKenna.

    It makes sense for weather presenters to stand up, because they need to move a bit and point, keep and eye on the side monitor and then get out the way entirely so viewers at home can see the map.

    A person at a desk says ‘let’s sit down and chat, we’ll be here for a while, but everything will be OK,’
    A person standing up is getting ready to leave!

  3. Caroline & Jason

    Nine news is a joke. When they have the top news story 2 weeks ago that Wayne Carey’s girlfriend has finally talked being an advertisement and this being the same day that Jane McGrath died. Tabloid TV. If you want news, wait for 7pm for the ABC.

  4. The Gate Keeper

    Standing – just like Entertainment Tonight. I guess that’s the direction they are heading with content as well as set design.

  5. @wally gator, so is Today moving back to 6am?

    is anyone else surprised Sunrise hasn’t started broadcasting earlier yet?

    also, that digital set looks cheap and nasty. i don’t mind element of digital sets and green screening, but a complete digital set is usually a cost cutting thing and it looks cheap.

  6. Interactive Productions

    I didn’t like it whatsoever, and plus I thought they were ditching the “National” part of 9News quite weird.

    I doubt 7 will be shaking in their boots because 9 gets its newsies to stand up, its hardly going to cause a ripple on the ratings radar.

  7. What is the mindset behind getting them out from behind a desk? Is it meant to sybolise a lowering of walls and obstructions between the presenter and viewer, or is it just a matter of them thinking, “Hey, they’re doing this all over the US, let’s just copy that..”

  8. Could they possibly be building a new set or something??

    I remember a few weeks ago when the Today Show was getting a facelift the show was broadcast from “The Balcony” while they were working.

    I live in Sydney so dont get to see the Melbourne set but i personally think it is WAY better to have a real set as opposed to a “Virtual Set” like the one in those photos.

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