No retirement for Bert

Last night on A Current Affair Bert Newton ruled out any thought of retiring when he turns 70 next week.

Tracy Grimshaw: Have you thought about retirement?

Bert Newton: No, it’s not in my vocabulary. Because I like what I do, so much. I know that’s not enough. Other people have got to like what you do too, and there’ll come a time when they won’t and I’ll be asked to move on.

If it’s my decision, which I doubt it will be, but if it’s my decision it will be because I’ve lost that passion. And I think if that’s the case you should step aside and let somebody who has got the passion fill your boots.

Tracy: Do you expect the tap on the shoulder?

Bert (smiling wryly): I say that so that I’ve covered myself when it happens. I told you so. ‘I told you so,’ I’ll say. Look, there was the tap on the shoulder….

I imagine if I’m still working at 80 a tap on the shoulder could do me quite a bit of harm!

This is Your Life presents Bert’s 70th Birthday at 7:30pm Wednesday July 23 on Nine.

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  1. I am happy that Bert is staying on. Bert has got himself a niche on Australian tv. Isn’t it strange how we can have men of this age on television but you don’t see women older than 30-40 regularly on tv (except maybe Joan Sydney doing the occasional drop-in on Neighbours)?

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