Psychics pursue Falconio mystery

Seven’s new reality series The One has been filming 200km north of Alice Springs taking its “psychics” to find the remains of murdered British backpacker Peter Falconio.

It’s an idea that is likely to attract some media criticism.

About 15 production members and five psychics spent three days determined to connect with the ‘spirit’ of Peter Falconio.

Roadhouse employee Geoff Grant, 43, said they flew in and out of Barrow Creek by helicopter. “They were having seances out there,” he said. “The lady I spoke to was a psychic. She said they were trying to contact him.

Finding Falconio’s missing remains was one of the challenges of the reality / game show. But Mr Grant said the team was unsuccessful in solving the puzzle.

“They were going all day and not coming back before eight o’clock at night,” he said.

The new show, hosted by Andrew Daddo, premieres 7:30pm Tuesday on Seven.

Source: NT News


  1. Colour me skeptic, but I’ll be watching.
    I love the mindset of gifted people – most of them aren’t out to con us, they really do believe in their gift.
    Perhaps it’s because people like to feel there is something more than their ordinary lives? I’m not sure, but it’s really interesting to watch.

  2. LMAO johntv

    Yes another free hour of TV I will NOT be watching!

    When with the reality TV end, maybe a show about making a TV show, oh wait they have that already LOL and it way better than any real reality show could every hope!

  3. If it is going to help find the body of Peter Falconio then GO FOR IT…..if it is just a cheap publicity stunt where they don’t find anything (like Sensing Murder) then what a waste of viewers time!

  4. If I was hosting the show, the first question I would be asking the Psychics is “Will this show make it to a second episode?” followed by “Where is my TV career going?”

    I think the spirit world will be sending back a message saying No!

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