Returning: Canal Road, Big Bang Theory

As alternative Olympic programming continues to be locked in, Nine will return the sitcom Big Bang Theory which it removed after poor ratings.

It will replace Two and a Half Men in the 7pm weeknight slot from Monday August 11.

Canal Road will also return at 10:30pm Sunday August 10.

It also screens 10:30pm Tuesday Aug 12 and Wednesday Aug 13.

In ‘burning off’ the eps over the Olympics Nine still qualifies for local drama points.

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  1. I’m surprised with the fascination for BBT. As a computer nerd myself I found the whole show a bit unrealistic in he way some stories were presented. I must admit that I liked some chemistry among the “nerds”, but everything else was just too much. Maybe there was a lot of stereotyping involved as well.

  2. Truly astounding comment there, RichoTB. Arrested Development was critically adored, award winning, devastatingly clever, and most importantly hilarious.

    Big Bang Theory is possibly the single worst sitcom ever made. I’m actually amazed anyone likes it, what with its incredibly obtrusive laugh-track, fake techno-babble laden script and a level of humour one normally graduates from after primary school.

  3. So excited!!! And excited that other people are excited!!! Let’s hope that we’re not the only ones who’ll be looking for some relief form the games, giving TBBT a good following this time around 🙂

  4. Very diligent of you to keep score. Yes it’s back with eps 8, 9, 10 in the week of Aug 10. It stands to reason 11, 12, 13 should air the following week. I thought the show was a mess from ep 1 and the marketing couldn’t decide what it was. Only gave it 3 stars here. Still it’s right that fans get to see the series out.

  5. David, by my count Nine has aired seven episodes of Canal Road – At 9:30 on 16 and 23 April, then at 10:30 on 30 April and 7 May. Hitch aired on 14 May and State of Origin Game I on 21 May. It then returned to schedule with episode 5 on 28 May at 10:30 and episode 6 aired on 4 June. Game II was broadcast on 11 June and episode 7 aired at 10:30 on 18 June. It was then pull from schedule again. From 10:30 pm on 25 June Nine broadcasted Day 3 of the Wimbledon Championships and on 2 July Nine covered State of Origin Game III and Day 9 of Wimbledon. At 10:30 pm on 9, 16 and 23 July (and scheduled for tommorow night) Nine has aired Primetime: Crime.

    So that means Sunday 10 August will be episode 8, Tuesday 12 August will be episode 9 and Wednesday 13 August will be episode 10. So for Nine to “burn off” the remaining episodes they will have to broadcast episodes 11, 12 and 13 during the second week of the Olympics.

    It has been terrible the way they have treated this Aussie drama but for those of us who have been following the show at least we get to see out the series during next month and that Nine is not hanging on until the summer.

  6. Wow BBT is really popular judging from these comments. I watched the first 2 eps and thought it was horrible. There were some funny moments and its better than…say…Arrested Development and Scrubs, and Kaley Cuoco is a charm, but overall it came off as a bad parody of Numb3rs IMO.

    As for Canal Road, bleh. Underbelly has infinitely more substance than that train wreck of a show. Kudos to Nine for trying something new though.

  7. KnoxOverstreet

    Agree with everyone here woohoo! TBBT is hilarious,nerd humour at it’s best! I love 2.5 Men but i can live with it being off for a bit as we’ve had so much lately.


    the big bang theory is an awesome show, much funnier than 2.5 men
    and with no H&A, ill be able to watch too:D

    still, wish they has shown this show all along

  9. About time, just a pity CR will conflict with the F1 some weeks, if they leave it on more than one week 😉

    BTW – Canal Road will be out on DVD in August, all 13 eps but only in 4×3 and not 16×9, WHY???

    Seen the first season of BBT but can’t wait for it return to ch9 even if it’s just to burn it of during the games.

    Yes what are they doing with the other shows amir listed?

  10. Big Bang Theory!!!!! Yay! Thankyou, Channel 9. Now please just air Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Aliens in America, the rest of Moonlight, and Gossip Girl, then I will adore you. 🙂

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