Seven unwraps second half slate

The Seven Network has unveiled some of the shows that will comprise its post-Olympic line-up.

While not revealing all the ammunition in its warchest, Seven has promised Crash Investigation Unit Australia, new Border Security, Packed to the Rafters, Find my Family, Jamie Durie’s Outdoor Room, Make me a Supermodel, Dancing with the Stars and Hot Property.

It will also launch hew US series including the George Michael-inspired Eli Stone (pictured), Reaper, My Own Worst Enemy, the remake of Knight Rider and the musical telemovie Camp Rock. New seasons of Heroes and Prison Break are also promised.

Excitingly there is also more Louis Theroux coming, and girlpower fans can look forward to more Trinny and Susannah (a seemingly never ending franchise).

No host is announced for DWTS, rumoured to be moving to Sunday nights. Shane Bourne recently said he was too busy to take on the role.

“This is just what we’re prepared to announce now,” says Seven director of programming, Tim Worner. “We’re still working on several great programs to be added to our post-Olympic schedule that will strengthen our position even further. But right now it’s already looking like a sensational second half of 2008.”

Press Release:
Channel Seven is set to continue the spirit of Aussies going for gold when the final race is run in Beijing with the launch of the year’s most anticipated shows and the return of Australia’s favourite series.

Headlining Seven’s post-Olympic programming will be family drama PACKED TO THE RAFTERS, starring Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson and Michael Caton.

Guys and girls will be lining up as Jennifer Hawkins hunts for Australia’s latest international face of fashion on MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL, a series shaping up to be the next watercooler sensation.

Fresh from his gold medal win and run-in with royalty at the Chelsea Flower Show, Jamie Durie will return with a brand new lifestyle series, THE OUTDOOR ROOM.

Legendary Australian actor Jack Thompson will draw from his own experience of reuniting with his father as a grown man to be host of a new addition to Seven’s super strong factual line-up, FIND MY FAMILY, a show that will melt hearts as long-lost loved ones are reconnected.

Another newcomer, CRASH INVESTIGATION UNIT AUSTRALIA will be an eye-opener as its takes a unique, dramatic and in-depth look into anatomy of a car crash.

All this comes with the return of Australia’s favourite series – BORDER SECURITY: AUSTRALIA’S FRONTLINE has brand new episodes ready to air and an exciting new series of DANCING WITH THE STARS is just a quickstep away. Top-rating factual series, RSPCA ANIMAL RESCUE, THE FORCE: BEHIND THE LINE, MEDICAL EMERGENCY and HOT PROPERTY will also be back with new episodes.

“This is just what we’re prepared to announce now,” says Seven director of programming, Tim Worner.

“We’re still working on several great programs to be added to our post-Olympic schedule that will strengthen our position even further. But right now it’s already looking like a sensational second half of 2008.”

SEVEN PACKED TO THE RAFTERS The latest addition to Seven’s stellar stable of local drama will arrive in the form of this sensational family drama. Dave and Julie Rafter (Erik Thomson and Rebecca Gibney) thought their nest was about to empty, a proud milestone in any parent’s life. But just when they thought they had peace and quiet, their kids who they thought had gone to take on the world return. As Dave and Julie’s 25th wedding anniversary approaches their three children, Rachel, Ben and Nathan, gravitate back to their comfort zone.

THE OUTDOOR ROOM The world is a smorgasbord of inspiration for garden designer and host Jamie Durie as hebtreks the globe to find tricks and treats for us to use in our own homes and gardens. This brand new lifestyle show makes the most of Jamie’s expertise and enlists the skills of some of Australia’s best chefs to dissect international flavours so we can create them at home.

MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL The competition heats up after the Olympics as former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins leads the search for Australia’s next face of fashion. Will it be a male or female model who steals the limelight on their way to superstardom? There will be elation when the top seven male and female models are introduced to the luxury complex that will be their home, but the judges will decide the duration of their stay. Who will strike the final pose?

FIND MY FAMILY Australian film and TV legend Jack Thompson takes viewers on a series of heart-warming journeys in which long lost relatives and loved ones are reunited. Only the coldest soul could be unmoved by these emotional tales from everyday Australians.

CRASH INVESTIGATION UNIT AUSTRALIA A brand new addition to Channel Seven’s hit stable of factual programs, CIU Australia follows the “anatomy of a car crash”. With their starting point often a tragic wreckage, the experts from the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit use all available technology, investigative techniques and their fine-tuned intuition to get to bottom of complex cases.

DANCING WITH THE STARS The smash hit with sequins, Australia’s favourite show, and a program which has inspired a national craze, Dancing With The Stars returns for its eighth series. Sonia Kruger can’t wait to get her dancing shoes back on with a new host, who will soon be revealed.

BORDER SECURITY: AUSTRALIA’S FRONTLINE The bags have been checked and cleared on brand new episodes of this audience favourite that puts the spotlight on the work of Australia’s customs, quarantine and immigration services. Border Security’s cameras are there as officials intercept everything from major drug shipments to a seed that could spell the end for a native species, not to mention the host of characters they meet along the way.

RSPCA ANIMAL RESCUE They are the kind souls who act for those which can’t speak for themselves, Australian animals. Follow the emotional journeys of RSPCA inspectors and vets as they confront cases of neglect and abuse of animals. Triumph, tragedy and heroic work feature in this top-rating show, hosted by “blue Wiggle” Anthony Field.

CITY HOMICIDE The powerful adventures continue on Australia’s favourite drama – local or international – when it continues after the Olympics. The crew and star cast featuring Shane Bourne, Noni Hazlehurst, Daniel MacPherson, Nadine Garner, Aaron Pedersen and Damien Richardson continue to raise the bar in the second series of this landmark production.

THE FORCE: BEHIND THE LINE The work of the men and women in blue in NSW and Western Australia requires cool and calm at every turn, often in the most trying circumstances. The co-operation of the Western Australian Police and NSW Police Force means Channel Seven’s cameras can capture it from all sides in The Force, now in its third series.

HOT PROPERTY Host Michael Caton visits Australians who are making the best (and worst) of the tough property market.

THE ONE: AUSTRALIA’S MOST GIFTED PSYCHIC Viewers welcomed Australia’s first paranormal game show this week with a debut audience of 1.47 million viewers. During the series true believers and cynics will see behind the smoke and mirrors of psychic practices to decide for themselves whether psychic powers are real or an elaborate con? Hosted by Andrew Daddo.

HEROES A brand new series of this action-packed drama featuring characters based on ordinary people with extraordinary powers. Stars Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Masi Oka and Ali Larter.

PRISON BREAK Former All Saints star Chris Vance returns to this hit US series as the mysterious Whistler in the next thrilling chapter of Prison Break

TRINNY AND SUSANNAH: UNDRESS THE NATION 2 The world’s favourite fashion police, Trinny and Susannah, are back in a new series to pull apart your dress sense and put you back together in style.

CAMP ROCK A tempestuous teen pop singer and talented but unsure counterpart feature in this fun family film from Disney based in a camp for music stars of the future, featuring chart-toppers Jonas Brothers (Joe, Kevin and Nick).

ELI STONE Some lawyers may consider themselves prophets, but Eli Stone (Johnny Lee Miller) may well have a higher calling. Either way, his visions of the future apparently caused by a brain aneurism make defending evil corporations a bit tricky.

HOLBY BLUE Gangs, drug dealers and terrorist threats are the tip of the iceberg for the officers at Holby Police Station. This intrepid team not only faces the tough challenges of policing post-9/11, they have a crook inside their own walls. A spin-off from British medical drama Holby City.

KNIGHT RIDER The son of original action star Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening) is a disillusioned Army Ranger who helps his high school sweetheart when her father, creator of the original intelligent car KITT, is in danger. His wingman is a 21st century edition of the super talking car which can hack the most complex computer systems, shift its shape and colour, and more. A full-throttle rebirth.

LOUIS THEROUX British broadcaster Louis Theroux returns with more insights into unique worlds as he infiltrates and explores on our behalf. His subjects have so far included the lives of gamblers in Las Vegas and going head-to-head with the small but controversial family that is America’s Westboro Baptist Church.

MY OWN WORST ENEMY Suburban family man Henry Spivey and Edward Albright, a trained-to-kill spy who speaks 13 languages, have one thing in common, they are the same man. Christian Slater stars with Saffron Burrows in this edgy new drama.

REAPER Sam Oliver is an all-round slacker but gets the job from hell when he turns 21 and discovers his parents have sold his soul to the devil. He must become the smooth-talking dark lord’s bounty hunter, capturing souls who have escaped from the underworld.

SUPER SKINNY ME: THE RACE TO SIZE DOUBLE ZERO Two female journalists enlighten and frighten as they discover what it really takes to be stick thin. As they explore the world of extreme dieting inspired by unrealistic social desires, they expose themselves to physical and mental dangers of body obsession gone too far.

SURGERY SAVED MY LIFE A raw and remarkable insight into life-saving procedures from inside the operating theatre. In this Discovery Channel production, doctors take viewers through the patients’ condition, risks associated with a life-saving operation and the main game, the surgery itself. Emotional, dramatic and totally fascinating.

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  1. i agree with you mjs when are channel 7 putting new scrubs episodes hopefully they will show the seventh and eighth back to back. that dexter and the office is what i love at the moment with special mention to the hollow men on abc

  2. This lineup is amazing. Ten’s announcement looks terrible in comparison. They’re fast-tracking Heroes, Prison Break, My Own Worst Enemy, Knight Rider and all the best NBC shows (excluding The Office, although that’s a fantastic show, Ten has the rights). And finally ELI STONE is getting some love. That will be sensational indeed. I know which network I’ll be watching this year. That’s great.

  3. Gold Coast Guy


    The opening ceremony doesn’t start until 8:08pm on the Friday night. This is 10:08pm AEST.

    Obviously, the coverage will start well before this time, however it is quite feasible that H&A will still be on at 7pm that night.

    Evan :->

  4. David, interestingly in there is no mention of Outback Wildlife Rescue and Carpoolers (as well as October Road but I think everybody has given up on that one) although as you say Seven hasn’t revealed everything yet.

    One question for you though, six days ago you said that Camp Rock will air on the Disney Channel on July 18. But I read here that Seven is going to screen it. Is this just a case of Seven screening it after Disney has or will it make its Australian premiere on Seven?

    I also note the first mention that the UK series Holby Blue will be screening on Seven. The series is spin off Holby City which itself is a spin off Casualty, which makes it a spin off of a spin off!! (Can you name another?)

  5. Surely the obvious choice for dancing is Andrew O’Keefe. I mean, he would love it and if viewers watched Daryl Sommers they surely can do the same for AOK.

  6. Reaper – is great, I loved the first season.

    Prison Break – So what is the “series premier” LOL

    Heroes – when will they air the 2 missing eps?

    Knight Rider – The 2 hour TV movie was nothing but a huge FORD ad! But will it be a Battlestar Galactica or Bionic Woman?

  7. Hey Guys,

    Just a random question – if the Olympics is starting on the Friday Night in August, when is the Home & Away Olympic finale? Any ideas about what it will be?



  8. that looks to me to be a very strong second half line up..I reckon Larry Emdur will be the new DWTS host, would explain his ommission from any involvement with the Olympics whiles hes back here preparing for it to launch after the games

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