Sneak Peek: Celebrity Singing Bee

Here’s your first look at Nine’s four specials for Celebrity Singing Bee -and it’s almost an American style promo. Listen to those loud thumps accompanying the phrase “not just a new series. A Whole New Show.”

Even in this brief clip Tim Campbell already looks a lot more comfortable than hosting Wheel of Fortune -and I’m pleased to see he hasn’t given in to those .

Unlike the first series, the show incorporates celebrities singing off for charity. The four one-hour specials are themed as “70’s night, 80’s night, Girl Power and One Hit Wonders.”

Some of the faces in this promo include Blair McDonough, Mark Mitchell, Suzie Wilkes, Dermott Brereton, Marty Fields, Russell Gilbert, Colin Lane, Dylan Lewis, Jacki Weaver, Jo Stanley, Totti Goldsmith and a Wiggle.

And some look like they are Bee-List celebrities. I certainly couldn’t name everyone from this quick grab, can you?

There will also be some original artists making appearances with John Paul Young, Daryl Braithwaite, Mark Gable, Greedy Smith belting out their best-known songs.

Celebrity Singing Bee returns 8:30pm Thursday July 10 on Nine.


  1. I will be watching for various reasons. I went along to the taping of all 4 shows as part of their audience and had a blast.
    It’s good entertainment and was fantastic to be there live on the night.. It was like being at a concert there was so much singing and dancing involved..
    Gotta watch to see if I get on camera, I was shakin my booty so there’s a good chance.

  2. Sizzle reels are used for lots of purposes, but they are often put together before a timeslot has been locked in. Forget about foreign markets, they have their own versions already and zero interest in our celebs. I have no doubt advertisers would have seen it too.

    Tim looks like he is having fun here.

  3. Would I be correct in saying that this looks more like a promo desiged to sell advertising for the show, or to sell it to foreign markets rather than to attract vewers? The lack of information of where and when to see the show at the end seemed curious…

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