So where are the men of Melbourne?

Single, straight men of Melbourne where are you? TEN is still looking for you for its upcoming dating show Taken Out. Do you want to be “one man” in “one arena” with “thirty women?” Or you could possibly wind up as one of thirty men vying for the affections of one girl.

Either way FremantleMedia wants to hear from you. They managed to marry off a farmer and his new wife on Channel Nine, but producers would like to hear from more single men for its newest venture. Put down that footy and stop cruising Chapel Street, television is here to help.

Press Release:
Network Ten and FremantleMedia Australia have commenced production in Melbourne of an exciting new program for 2008 – Taken Out a studio based dating show for the contemporary woman and man.

A single man finds himself dramatically revealed to up to 30 women in the Taken Out arena. Through each twist and turn masterminded by our dashing host the women learn more about the eligible bachelor and decide if he is someone they see as a potential love interest.

If cupid’s arrow has been correctly aimed our bachelor will be left with one woman standing – his lucky date for the night.

It’s a tricky path to find true love and the competition is fierce. But all is not lost if our single is not Mr. Right as our girls are presented with a new single guy to cast their eye over. It’s a fascinating format reflective of the real-life process of meeting and choosing a partner.

During the series the sexes are reversed with single girls taking their chances with the panel of up to 30 guys.

Taken Out gives you a very real insight into the personalities, likes and dislikes of the singles as we get to know them through the elimination process.

Casting is underway for Taken Out in Melbourne. If you are still yet to find the man/woman of your dreams and have a certain flair for the dramatic then this could be your ideal opportunity to meet your match. Over 18 is a must! Shoot through your details to the email address below and our producers will be in touch.

[email protected]

The all-important host of Taken Out will be announced shortly.


  1. It’s like Aussie Idol, no self respecting talented singer would go near it and no self respecting bachelor would go near this one.
    Sadly, a couple of chumps will sign up to be humiliated… and I’ll watch it….. Ohhh such a vicious cycle!

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