Televangelist Peter Pops-off Nine

Hallelujah! American TV evangelist Peter Popoff is vanishing from Nine’s late night schedule.

From Monday he will be replaced by Entertainment Tonight.

The switch follows comments in newspaper letters and websites (including this one) that criticised Popoff’s dubious empire.

In 1987 he became bankrupt after being exposed by two skeptics (including Don Lane’s old chum James Randi) for supposedly having divine insight on the lives of audience members -it was actually through an earpiece. But then he came back.

Both Inside Edition and 20 / 20 have done exposes on his “Miracle Spring Water”, donations, renewed wealth and assets, including a $2.1m house and a $100,000 Porsche. You can see him dodge an investigative reporter here:

Good to see Nine has shaken this up. Give me Mary Hart and her theme tune anyday.


  1. To whom it may concern,

    I just wanted to ask, can you possibly tell me of an address for Peter Popoff so I can send him a letter that I have written him. I tried to bring up his website and unfortunately it is not available? Can you please help as I would like to share my view with him about his letters to me. You can contact me with the address details if possible at the above address. Thank for this site I agree with you about Peter Popoff he definately is a false prophet.


    Sue Harrison.

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