Top Gear in top pay battle

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond and James May, whose contracts with the BBC expire next month, are locked in a pay dispute over more money.

However, Jeremy Clarkson told The Sun: “They won’t leave. It’s the best job in the world. I’d pay to do it.”

One insider said, “The BBC offered a good deal but neither of them are pleased,” the source revealed. “They don’t seem to realise the BBC doesn’t have a bottomless pit of cash for Top Gear. The reason it’s so good is most of the budget goes on screen. If you start giving all the cash to the hosts the show will suffer.”

Source: Digital Spy


  1. You’d reckon Clarkson is the Host, the main Host, he has more solo segments and basically the show just wouldst work without him.
    The other two are kinda like Co-Hosts, of course they do their share and Hammond would be hard to replace, the other guy hasn’t been around for the full length of the show. I don’t think they will walk no matter what but with any job you increase the products worth substantially you should get a pay rise.

  2. You say that, but I reckon you would also think it unfair that Clarkson gets a reported 1 million pounds a year to host, while Hammond and May get a reported 15,000 pounds an episode say 150,000. Is Clarkson worth 6 or so times as much. He is Good value, but they all are. It is not good. It breeds bitterness and dissentment. If it becomes too much for these guys, they will walk, just as you would, if one of your workmates was paid 6 times as much as you for the same job.

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