TV1 takes up Office

If you’re tired of waiting for Steve Carell to appear on TEN, cast your eyes towards TV1 in September.

It will screen 4 episodes of The Office every Thursday night from September 4. The US adaptation of Ricky Gervais’ comedy has been quite a hit in America, but didn’t launch well in Australia after audiences were too familiar with the original version (and the original scripts).

So could news of TV1’s plans be enough to prompt TEN into gear?

A spokesperson from TEN last recently told TV Tonight, “At this point, we’ve got to find the right timeslot for it. It’s a show that is a solitary watch, not an inclusive watch. It’s of that Arrested Development, 30 Rock feel. It really needs to have a slot that is ‘protected.’ So at this point no plans for it, but it absolutely will return.”

This week it was also announced Russia would get its own version of the comedy.

TV1 Press Release:
Tune into 4 episodes every Thursday at 8.35pm from September 4.
Adapted from the BBC’s hit series, The Office is a mockumentary documenting the exploits of a paper supply company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Heading up the operation is Michael Scott (Steve Carell), a deluded and insensitive boss who tries to put his own spin on company policy. His employees include talented, but bored salesman. Jim, his mildly sociopathic enemy Dwight, righteous receptionist Pam, and indifferent temp Ryan.


  1. I’m sick of waiting too! I imported Season 3 earlier this year and I’ve already pre-ordered Season 4 from Amazon. I’m just waiting until it’s release date on September 2!

  2. I’d be happy if Ten showed it instead of Everybody loves Raymond after Letterman – just show it.

    Hopefully TV1 has the rights to at least the first 3 series – hopefully they have full rights, can go right through to the end of season 4 and then start showing season 5 soon after it’s been shown in the US. As long as I’m dreaming, they need to go widescreen as well.

  3. Screw Ten. Anyone with sense who likes this show would have downloaded it or bought DVDs of it by now. Its a fantastic show and way better than the quality of programming on their network anyway.

  4. David,
    Why can’t 10 do what they did with season 2 of the office, and show it on a Sunday night at 10:30pm/11pm? Obviously they have F1 commitments, but not every week for this.
    I can’t understand why they can’t do this, it doesn’t rate, ok, so, show it in a timeslot like this, I mean, what does rate at 10:30pm or 11pm on a Sunday night?

  5. Essentially it means its audience ‘singles out this show’ to watch it rather than it working as a show with a flow-on from a preceding programme.

    Protected timeslot means it needs to sit somewhere where it can’t be damaged by an audience drop-off from preceding show. That said, it’s disappointing TEN hasn’t found time all year to select one.

  6. “It’s a show that is a solitary watch, not an inclusive watch”.

    Can somebody please explain? And what is a “protected” timeslot?

    Get Smart, Ten.

  7. I suspect TV1 only has the rights for the the first 2 seasons( 6- season 1, 22- season 2), which would mean only 7 weeks if they show 4 episodes each Thursday night.I doubt very much TV1 would have the season 3 rights as 10 is not quite 1/2 way through it- and will have to wait for 10 to either handball them onto TV1 or air them.
    Also, TV1 is not widescreen, unlike 10 when it did show the Office, was W/S for the Office.

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