Vale: Larry Harmon

This just in. Some Bozo has died….

Larry Harmon, who achieved fame as Bozo the Clown died on Thursday of congestive heart failure. He was 83.

While he wasn’t the original Bozo, Harmon licensed the character to others stations which in turn hired actors to be their local Bozos.

“You might say, in a way, I was cloning BTC (Bozo the Clown) before anybody else out there got around to cloning DNA,” Harmon said in a 1996 interview.

Chicago’s Bob Bell was the most popular of the many clowns, but Harmon embellished Bozo’s distinctive look: the orange-tufted hair, the bulbous nose, the outlandish red, white and blue costume.

“I felt if I could plant my size 83AAA shoes on this planet, (people) would never be able to forget those footprints,” he said.

Krusty will be heartbroken.

Source: AP


  1. KnoxOverstreet

    lol i was thinking of a Seinfeld scene as well when i read this. Specifically George’s interaction with a clown at a party who didn’t know who Bozo was.

  2. TelevisionAU

    reminds me of that Seinfeld routine.. is there any real need for “the clown” in his name? It’s not like we’re going to confuse him with “Bozo the President”, etc etc.. 🙂

    I think there were Australian Bozos too? Remember an old B&W blooper doing the rounds with a clown surrounded by kids, and the kids almost knocked out by a piece of the backdrop that toppled over onto them!

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