Week 30

1 Seven News Seven 1.219
2 Nine News Saturday Nine 1.126
3 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show Nine 1.107
4 ABC News ABC 0.989m
5 She’s The Man Nine 0.971m
6 Gardening Australia ABC 0.932m
7 Saturday Night AFL TEN 0.822m
8 The Bill ABC 0.791m
9 The Great Outdoors Seven 0.788m
10 Rugby Union: Bledisloe Cup Seven 0.727m
Saturday Afternoon AFL 0.688m
Tour De France 0.587m
Shaun Of The Dead 0.305m

Seven: 25.5
Nine: 24.4
TEN: 21.3
ABC: 18.7
SBS: 10.2

1 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.528
2 Seven News Seven 1.431
3 Today Tonight Seven 1.341
4 Two And A Half Men Nine 1.256
5 Home And Away Seven 1.231
6 Nine News Nine 1.196
7 ABC News ABC 1.092
8 A Current Affair Nine 1.086
9 Seven’s AFL: Rnd 17 0.971m
10 The Commander ABC 0.943m
So You Think You Can Dance TEN 0.876m
Nine’s Live Friday Night Football Nine 0.699m
Love Actually TEN 0.659m
Bondi Rescue TEN 0.612m
Tour De France SBS 0.318m

Seven: 34.5
Nine: 25.4
TEN: 19.5
ABC: 14.5
SBS: 6.1

1. Seven News Seven 1.505
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.420
3. Home and Away Seven 1.313
4. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.280
5. Getaway Nine 1.273
6. Bones Seven 1.263
7. A Current Affair Nine 1.186
8. National Nine News Nine 1.153
9. ABC News ABC 1.137
10. The Celebrity Singing Bee Nine 1.118
11. Law and Order: SVU Ten 1.092
12. Law and Order: Criminal Intent Ten 1.086
13. Ghost Whisperer Seven 1.019*
14. Catalyst ABC 0.997
15. The 7:30 Report ABC 0.887
Deal or No Deal 0.864m
The Footy Show 0.861m
The Amazing Race 0.783m
Back To You 0.756m
Rules of Engagement 0.756m
Bondi Rescue 0.637m
Antiques 0.553m

Seven: 28.3
Nine: 28.0
Ten: 20.1
ABC: 16.7
SBS: 6.9
*not broadcast in Perth

1. Seven News Seven 1.534
2. RSPCA Animal Rescue Seven 1.510
3. Medical Emergency Seven 1.394
4. Criminal Minds – 8:30pm Seven 1.390
5. The Gruen Transfer ABC 1.386
6. This Is Your Life: Bert Newton Nine 1.334
7. Today Tonight Seven 1.321
8. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.289
9. Home and Away Seven 1.276
10. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.229
11. ABC News ABC 1.180
12. National Nine News Nine 1.139
13. Criminal Minds – 9:30pm Seven 1.137
14. A Current Affair Nine 1.113
15. McLeod’s Daughters Nine 1.089
So You Think You Can Dance 1.000m
Jamie’s Fowl Dinners 0.967m
The Hollowmen 0.950m
Deal or No Deal 0.873m
Missing Persons 0.747m
Bondi Rescue 0.722m

Seven: 28.3
Nine: 23.6
Ten: 21.4
ABC: 18.4
SBS: 8.3

1 Wipeout Nine 1,499,000
2 Seven News Seven 1,473,000
3 All Saints Seven 1,407,000
4 Two And A Half Men -Rpt Nine 1,362,000
5 Two And A Half Men Nine 1,354,000
6 The One – Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic Seven 1,334,000
7 Today Tonight Seven 1,291,000
8 Home And Away Seven 1,287,000
9 A Current Affair Nine 1,244,000
10 ABC News ABC 1,234,000
11 NCIS Ep 2 Rpt Ten 1,193,000
12 National Nine News Nine 1,173,000
13 NCIS Ep 1 Rpt TEN 1,140,000
14 7.30 Report ABC 1,029,000
15 Family Fortunes ABC 971,000
16 Border Patrol NZ Seven 949,000
17 The Simpsons Tues TEN 947,000
18 The All New Simpsons TEN 943,000
19 Neighbours TEN 928,000
20 Deal Or No Deal Seven 886,000
TEN News At Five TEN 785,000
Friends TEN 748,000
Bondi Rescue – Daily Rpt TEN 734,000
Ladette To Lady Nine 650,000
Antiques Roadshow -Rpt Nine 618,000
Ramsay’s Boiling Point Seven 576,000

Seven: 28.2
Nine: 26.6
TEN: 22.7
ABC: 16.0
SBS: 6.5


1 Seven News Seven 1.603
2 Today Tonight Seven 1.547
3 City Homicide Seven 1.511
4 Border Security Seven 1.469
5 The Force Seven 1.464
6 Big Brother – The Winner Announced TEN 1.427
7 Criminal Minds Seven 1.331
8 National Nine News Nine 1.297
9 Two And A Half Men Nine 1.270
10 Big Brother – Finale Night TEN 1.254
11 Home And Away Seven 1.216
12 A Current Affair Nine 1.206
13 David Attenborough’s Life Of Mammals Nine 1.202
14 The Farmer Wants A Wife Nine 1.184
15 ABC News ABC 1.180
Deal Or No Deal Seven 0.916m
Top Gear 0.902m
Neighbours 0.896m
Australian Story 0.824m
Elders With Andrew Denton 0.818m
Burn Notice 0.794m
The F Word 0.713m
Boston Legal 0.575m
Mark Loves Sharon 0.438m
30 Rock Seven 0.293m

Seven: 30.7
Nine: 24.2
TEN: 22.4
ABC: 15.2
SBS: 7.4

1. Seven News Seven 1.603
2. 60 Minutes Nine 1.569
3. Domestic Blitz Nine 1.432
4. National Nine News Nine 1.427
5. CSI: Miami Nine 1.378
6. Battle of the Choirs Seven 1.352
7. ABBA: The Mamma Mia Story Seven 1.270
8. Foyle’s War ABC 1.146
9. ABC News ABC 1.093
10. Doctor Who ABC 1.092
11. Big Brother – Live Eviction TEN 1.081
12. Rove TEN 1.033
13. Doctor Who: Confidential Cutdown ABC 0.936
14. CSI: NY Nine 0.936
15. Private Practice Seven 0.917
Big Brother – 6:30pm 0.875m
Dexter 0.783m
Lipstick Jungle (9:30-11:30pm) 0.628m
Flight of the Conchords 0.338m

Nine: 28.8
Seven: 24.3
TEN: 20.4
ABC: 19.5
SBS: 7.0


  1. My surgery was filmed by Channel 7 for Medical Emergency when I broke my leg in the Marshall Islands and was evacuated to Sydney’s St Georges 3 days later…i am in the UK at the moment and have no idea if its been on…any know or did my footage get bumped?

  2. Looking at that advertisement, aside from nine’s claim that they are growing in the demos, a simple maths calculation allows you to realise that commercial tv overall is down quite a bit. The ad doesn’t mention the time period for this change, but I assume it to be the change from last year.

    25-54: Nine up 6.3%, seven down 9.3%, ten up 0.8% = down 2.2%

    18-49: Nine up 8.3%, seven down 11%, ten down 1.8% = down 4.5%

    16-39: Nine up 9.7%, seven down 15.7%, ten down 3.2% = down 9.2%

    I’m sure you get my point.

  3. David – thanks. I understand the placement of 9’s ad in the media section. My (unmade) point was, with the Olympics handing August to 7; why bother advertising now ? The punters surely won’t remember come September, and the advertisers would be reviewing their placements before then.

    Meiji-era – Gruen Transfer has just taken time to get into the consciousness. It’s a shame this first series finishes soon. Obvious problems – it’s a grown-up show with a host that grown-ups don’t warm to – or who doesn’t have the grown-up image. Note to Wil – if you’re not going to wear the tie properly, don’t wear it at all.

  4. Channel 10 should put Friends back on at 7 and then they can stop editing it for inappropriate language and sexual content for the 6 pm slot, which at the moment ruins the show

  5. And by the way,What’s with The gruen transfer last night?

    It has beaten Spicks and Specks,That is regularly,ABC’s No.1 show every tuesday….

  6. Mikee258 said…

    How is it possible that Network 10 averaged more viewers last night than the ABC? The ABC had 3 shows in the top 11 and Network 10 none.


    Maybe The ABC is weak on Morning and afternoon Slots…

    And SBS is Pulling its shares because of Tour de France….

  7. Rudi the 4 page Australian ads by Nine are in sync with all networks indicating their second half slate to advertisers and FreeTV giving out revenue results for the first half of year. It is strategically placed in Thursday’s Media liftout because it is so prominent to buyers and industry.

  8. Ratings are for 6pm-midnight. Jamie finished at 11pm remember.

    McLeod’s is sitting where it ended, around 1m. It’s a tough timeslot against ABC, and now Criminal Minds is working. Lucky there’s no new House yet.

  9. How is it possible that Network 10 averaged more viewers last night than the ABC? The ABC had 3 shows in the top 11 and Network 10 none.

  10. David is that a low figure for McLeod’s Daughters compared to last year, and if it drops any lower do you think it will see out the whole season in that timeslot.

  11. I’ve got an idea dr_rudi:

    1. A fortune
    2. To trick people into thinking that they care about their viewers

    And david, how many people watched prison break last night on channel 7?

  12. Hi David,

    Do you have a comment about 9’s four-page wrap-around advertisment in today’s national broadsheet ?

    How much did that cost ? And, why now ?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Good to see 2.5 Men outrate that piece of crap The One. Also, Wipeout seems to be soaring more every week, I’ll have to check it out one day. Additional shout out to Burn Notice for doing a respectable 800,000 after months on hiatus.

  14. Yep I noticed that to Dakota hopefully they wont pick up and ten wont improve anymore proving to the BB bashers that BB isn’t to blame ten rating as low as they are

  15. Thats really really bad for BB! Not even in the top five of the night for the finale, and that even for the winner announced show! The other one could barely scrape into the top 10!

  16. There’s a significant dropoff between the two CSIs. NY lost 400,000 viewers from Miami. Good to see Battle of the Choirs rating strongly, along with Rove seeming to grab higher totals in recent weeks. And Dexter and PP lost almost a mill this week, wonder why that is.

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