Wisteria Lane vacating in 2011?

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has indicated he may end the show after seven seasons, in early 2011.

“Of course,” he joked, “this could be a clever ruse to get me more money for Season 8.”

On the show jumping five years into the future, he said, “I made a mistake of telling one of my actors [about the plan] and then I’m reading in the trades and I’m like, ‘Goddamn Marcia.’

“I had been thinking how Damon and Carlton had done it in Lost… and I wanted do an eight-year jump, then somebody explained to me how the actors reacted, I thought, ‘OK, maybe five years’ and explained that they wouldn’t look old.”

The leap also allows Cherry to mature Lynette’s kids and overcome child labor laws restricting shooting schedules.

You can read more about how the cast feels on the changes at Past Deadline

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