Airdate: Bondi Rescue: Bali, Kenny’s World

TEN is promising “killer waves at Kuta” as part of Bondi Rescue: Bali, its spin-off (or is that sequel?) to its hit factual series.

The show launches at 7:30pm Wednesday September 10.

It will be followed by the premiere of Kenny’s World at 8:00pm.

Lifeguards including Whippet, Tom, Reidy, Chappo, Deano, Yatesy, Matt Dee, Harries, Azza G, Kobi and Terry, will spend the next two months training and exchanging skills with the Balinese lifeguards.

The Aussie lifesavers have to come to terms with the humidity and the size of the beach in Indonesia. At a huge 7km it is much bigger than the 1km beach at Bondi. Some 20-30 people drown every year at Kuta, and the Balinese lifesavers have none of the technical equipment the Aussies are used to.

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