Airdate: Camp Rock

Disney’s “other High School Musical” will premiere next month on the Disney Channel.

It screens at 6:30pm Friday September 26th.

Set in a musical summer camp, the telemovie stars the NJ pop brothers Jonas Brothers and introduces pop newcomer Demi Lovato in her first lead role in a film. It nabbed 9m viewers in the US, but only average reviews:

LA Times: Camp Rock isn’t particularly good, but it’s good at what it does. The product may be “inauthentic,” if such a thing is even possible, but the way it will connect with a lot of little girls and more than a few little boys is real enough.

Variety: Camp Rock is the kind of confection that requires copious brushing and flossing immediately afterward, but given Disney’s track record, that won’t dissuade four out of five girls with Jonas Brothers fever from sinking their teeth right in.

Hollywood Reporter: By adhering closely to its High School Musical formula and stretching the results over even more of its divisions, Disney has devised a way to generate coin more efficiently than any machine in Denver or San Francisco.

As with HSM, Camp Rock will also have a screening on the Seven Network later in the year.


  1. dear camp rock cast,
    i love camp my favourite songs in camp rock this is me i gotta find u and we rock i love joe joans he is so hot and cute when he sings and talks. My other fav jonas brother is nick i know he is the youngest but he still rocks

  2. I occassionally realy hate these new popular sloppy disney things like jonas brothers, hannah montana (which sometimes is alright), miley cyrus, highschool musical (GAH!!), wacky tv shows from america with really bad teenactors. but this “camp rock” reminds me of hairspray and i might actually like it coz it has nothing to do with miley cyrus but it wont be as great as what disney usedto be.

    im pretty excited for this =p
    sounds awesome and cant wait =]]

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