Airdate: Off the Runway

Seven’s offshoot of Make Me a Supermodel will air from 10:30pm Tuesday September 2nd.

Make Me a Supermodel: Off the Runway will go ‘behind the scenes’ of the reality series to catch the contestants as they live inside a ‘model mansion.’ Of course, TEN used this idea when it screened Inside Idol several years ago.

After its so-so launch, Seven will be hoping for a bigger boost for Supermodel now the competition begins. It has repeat screenings next Thursday afternoon and has added another at 12:15 am Wed night (Thurs morning) too.

No word whether Jennifer Hawkins is hosting Off the Runway, but it’s doubtful given her name wasn’t included in the network amendment.

Supermodel itself returns next Thursday at 7:30pm.

What really goes on behind the scenes of Make Me a Supermodel? OFF THE RUNWAY will see the models away from the runway and into the real world. Which model is on their best and worst behaviour behind the scenes at the photo shoots, catch what they get up to late at night in the model mansion, with 7 guys and 7 girls in the house anything could happen.

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