Airdate: Outdoor Room, Dancing with the Stars

The worst secret in the (programming) business is out with confirmation that The Outdoor Room & Dancing with the Stars are now (officially) confirmed as 6:30pm / 7:30pm Sunday August 31st. You could have knocked us over with a feather.

Seven will follow with Criminal Minds at 9:30pm.

“We feel The Outdoor Room and Dancing will make Sunday a family night that is rich in pictures and entertainment,” Mr Worner said.

“We are not programming to win nights or weeks but to create hit shows. If we do that, the other stuff (ratings) looks after itself.

“There is risk in every move you make. It’s about assessing the size of the risk.”

But the opposition isn’t fazed, at least not publicly.

“More than 200 programs have gone up against 60 Minutes over the years. Some have made our eyes water and no doubt some will in future,” Nine news and current affairs boss John Westacott told the Herald Sun.

Dancing traditionally has a much older audience than us,” said TEN Melbourne programme Peter Andrews.

“I think it may be more as a 60 Minutes vs Dancing battle (for ratings).”

Let the (real) games begin.

Source: Herald Sun

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